The COVID crisis has not only tied us to our homes but also tied up our beloved cars from getting out on the road. And tied-up cars can’t really make it to their scheduled service appointments, can they? So does that mean the free service and warranty period lapses? Have you lost out? Not if you own a Tata and more specifically if you own one that has its free service period or warranty expiry between 1st April and 31st May.
Tata Motors has announced that it will extend the free service and warranty period for vehicles that fall in the above-mentioned category until 30th June. This comes as a relief as customers can avail the service and maintenance benefits without missing out. A truly commendable move by Tata. The 600+ service centres across the country will all follow this rule. We hope more manufacturers offer similar gestures in these tough times. We stay safe and take utmost care of ourselves, and our cars deserve nothing less.
According to Mr. Dimple Mehta, Head – Customer Care (Domestic & IB), PVBU, Tata Motors, “The Covid 19 upsurge has led to restrictions on movements, and customers across the country are unable to bring or send their vehicles to our authorized service centers for scheduled maintenance or repairs. Hence a challenge when warranty and free service periods as per policy norms get expired during the ongoing lockdown. We are committed to our customers and are offering them utmost support in these tough times by extending their warranty and free service period till 30th June 2021. Through this initiative, we are enhancing our brand connect with customers and are offering them a hassle-free ownership experience.”