Tata Consultancy Services have announced the beginning of a new partnership with JLR. Under the “Race to Innovate” partnership, TCS will be seen as a title sponsor for the iconic British Racing team Jaguar Racing, which is rebranded as “Jaguar TCS Racing”. During this partnership tenure, TCS and Jaguar will create a dynamic platform driven by research and innovation while steering towards advanced concepts and electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

TCS will leverage its leadership in technology transformation and experience working with premier players in the EV value chain, to help Jaguar TCS Racing become a catalyst for electrification thus leaping towards a future of low carbon emissions and sustainable mobility. With this partnership, we will see the creative use of data and insights from the racetrack to shape the wider growth, development, and transformation of the entire EV ecosystem.

About Jaguar TCS Racing


Jaguar returned to racing in October 2016, becoming the first premium manufacturer to enter the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship street racing series. In its seventh season, Jaguar TCS Racing finished runners-up in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship teams’ standings which by far has been the most successful in Jaguar TCS Racing’s Formula E history. Formula E provides a real-world test ground for Jaguar to become an all-electric luxury brand from 2025 onwards. Jaguar TCS Racing will deliver new sustainable technologies and set new benchmarks in quality in support of Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy. 

Jaguar TCS Racing’s goal is to ‘Reimagine Racing’ and together the team will test, develop, learn and collaborate, sharing insights across Jaguar Land Rover which will benefit future road car development. Specifically, learnings and technology transfer from Formula E will help ‘Reimagine” the Jaguar brand coinciding with the company’s commitment to the Gen3 era of Formula E. As an official manufacturer team in Formula E, Jaguar TCS Racing is designing all of the crucial components like the motor, transmission, powertrain, inverter and rear suspension.

To keep costs under control, the carbon fibre chassis and batteries are kept as common components for all eleven teams, allowing the focus to be on developing electric vehicle powertrains that are efficient and lightweight hence improving the performance and range of future Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicles. The 2021/22 Formula E season is the second season of World Championship status as granted by the FIA – the sport’s governing body. It will be the fourth and final year for the teams to be racing with the futuristic Gen2 race cars. Teams have two race cars, one per driver, which will be used for the full race distance of 45 minutes plus 1 lap.

Beyond its all-electric concept, Formula E is unique in the world of motorsport for its choice of venues. The championship takes place on temporary street circuits in the centre of the world’s major cities including Diriyah, Mexico City, Rome, Monaco, New York, London and ends in a double-header race weekend in Seoul.  

Race to Innovate


For the company’s Reimagine strategy, Formula E is a prominent priority for JLR. As a global platform for the EV ecosystem, Formula E is the only world championship to test and develop EV technologies in a competitive environment. These races prove to be the testbeds for innovation which give a race to road and road to race insights for shaping the electric future, something that JLR is very passionate about. Dedicated to benefiting society by changing the landscape of electric mobility and a sustainable environment, JLR and TCS are together passionate about this partnership.

With high-profile events like TCS New York City Marathon, TCS London Marathon, TCS Amsterdam Marathon and more, TCS has added another feather on its cap with the addition of global sponsorship. The company has an astronomical track record of leveraging data and digital technology to customise and enrich the racing experience. With only about 85 days until the start of the new season, Jaguar TCS Racing is focused on refining the software tech to improve energy management making the car go faster with better efficiency. 

Jaguar Land Rover and TCS are long-standing partners, collaborating on various fronts since 2012. The partnership has strengthened and evolved over time with joint initiatives and efforts made in areas such as connected product engineering and digital transformation. The two companies are on a shared journey to reimagine modern luxury built on the cornerstone of sustainability and unique customer experience – setting high benchmarks in terms of environmental, societal and community impact.


Here are the snippets of what the official dignitaries have said about this partnership:

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO & MD, TCS:

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and join forces as Jaguar TCS Racing to harness collective knowledge and to innovate for a sustainable future for all. As the world races towards electrification, this collaboration will pave the way for the adoption of advanced technologies, utilization of cleaner energy, and the evolution of novel business models. Our efforts will go beyond business to make a lasting impact on people, communities, and the planet.”  

Thierry Bolloré, CEO Jaguar Land Rover, Chairman JLR Motorsport: 

“I would like to extend my welcome to Tata Consultancy Services. This partnership is a perfect example of the synergies that exist within the Tata group. Motorsport is the ultimate challenge and to succeed in this highly competitive arena you must excel in all areas. Technology, innovation, agility, unity, and teamwork are all important learnings that we can implement across the company and wider group. I recognise these benefits and want to make sure that our future motorsport activity structure is set up for maximum success.

James Barclay, Team Principal, Jaguar TCS Racing: 

“Launch day is always exciting as we look forward to the possibilities of the upcoming season after months of hard-work behind the scenes. Welcoming a brand-new title partner – TCS – is a real honour and we look forward to a highly innovative and successful partnership together. It’s an announcement we’ve been looking forward to revealing and this is an exciting time to see a global leader like TCS joining other blue-chip brands in FIA Formula E. After our most successful season to date we have been working hard to improve further on our performance with the aim to race for more points, wins and ultimately the world championship.”

Rajashree R, CMO, TCS: 

“This partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and TCS is the coming together of two purpose-driven brands to create a sustainable future, leveraging innovation and collective knowledge. It is rooted in a shared belief that technological innovation can architect a better world. Together we will innovate and build new technologies that will accelerate the adoption of connected, autonomous, electric transportation, driving sustainability and creating better futures for people everywhere. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership will herald to our joint ecosystem.”