The Mustang turns 56!

Image : Ford Motors

56 years of smokin’ those rear wheels- leaving a trail of smoke and rubber glued to the tarmac. That’s how long the Mustang has been lurking around, and continues to do so. First unveiled in 1964, the Mustang started the so-called ‘pony car’ segment- fastback coupes with four seats and enough power to keep occupants entertained. The formula worked, especially in its home country America- where all customers cared about was who’s got the bigger block.

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The Mustang brought phenomenal sales numbers- Ford sold 400,000 units in its debut year. Sales have been consistently growing for the car, and took off considerably when Ford decided to offer it in international markets. It remains to be one of the most iconic cars on sale, topping charts as the highest-selling sports car in the world.

What makes the Mustang such a popular option, even after 56 years of its incarnation? If there is one word to describe it- entertainment. Customers buy it because they want to be amused- everyday-by the way it slides, the growl of its engine, and the everyday practicality that it offers. I’m sure some buy it just because of how it looks. It gives owners a feel of taming a ferocious animal. The car still remains true to its pony icon philosophy- a powerful engine with enough torque to tow a house behind, front-mounted RWD powertrain, and even comes with a manual transmission. You see, this car is not designed to smash lap times and run around the circuit catching flies. Instead, it is engineered with one purpose- to drag race. It has the dynamics to shoot launch like a bullet, and if you can handle its temperament, it is extremely good at shredding some rubber. Five stars for that actually.

56 years is a lot of automotive years. And the Mustang has seen it all, developed and adjusted itself to stay relevant in the current times. The new one, the Mach-E SUV, even comes with some batteries. And the dynamics of an SUV. Is this a new evolution with changing times? Has the Mustang decided to transform itself to take on the EVs? So far it has been doing a hell of a job, let’s hope for the best then!