Biking or cycling has been on an upwards trajectory for some time, and when the tsunami of lockdowns was upon us and the lungs needed to be in good shape, people took to biking like there is no tomorrow. So much so that most of the time, there used to be stock-outs.

Now that I have set the above context let’s get on Nuke 27.5 D and ride it along. I have been a pro biker as long as my memory serves. It started with plain-jane cycles, no gears, no fancy colours or design. It was the Ford Model T, and you can choose any colour as long as it’s black, but now cycles have evolved so much that they are called bikes and the Firefox Nuke 27.5 D scores 8/10 in terms of design with its bright colour scheme. It sits perfectly in sync with those who seek adventures and want to remain on the edgy & rebellious side of biking. The journey to a pro rider can start with Firefox Nuke 27.D, and now let’s pedal forward.

Ride and Design:

It has twenty-seven gears; most normal bikes come with about twenty-one gears. In plain-jane terms, it means that it will ride faster than most other bikes. If you want to ride fast, keep both the left and right-hand shifters to the extreme left and while climbing up, you will have to gear down unless you have the legs of an Ironman. It will take more effort on higher gears, but the ride will be steady, and you will cover a longer distance indeed, and of course, when you want to laze around, you also need to gear down. The handlebar is a little tilted, which gives it more of a firm position, and it benefits you to conquer those challenging mountain rides or city roads – realistically speaking. The Firefox Nuke 27.5 D comes with an Alloy Hardtail Frame and SUNTOUR XCT front suspension fork with a 100mm travel and a hydraulic lockout, and it plays along with those road bumps like a breeze. The seats are easily adjustable; keep the seat in a higher position with your toes touching the ground for more comfort. The rule of thumb is on a standstill, your legs should stay just about reach the ground below and always strap down the lock bar properly[locked] when the seat is adjusted. Ride quality is very smooth, and the seat is comfortable enough through big bumps or speed breakers. Going up while resting on the pedal is advisable, especially if you are at great speed. You can additionally buy another seat cover + cushion from the aftermarket if you plan to ride more than 25 Km for additional cushioning.

Wheels and Brakes:

The bike stands on Kenda 70×5 cm (27.5“X2.10”) tires attached to Alloy Double Wall 32H Rims. It comes with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, giving more control on braking. I cycled around the towns of Kerala during my trip, and it did not disappoint at all. One can easily dismantle the bike, and both its wheels can be taken off and packed in the boot of your regular SUV and easily assembled back to ride when you want to. This one feature will be a boon for city life and, honestly, better than those foldable bikes that cost 3X more and are not as pure as the Nuke does on the road. If you have a car rack, you can easily lift it yourself and strap it, and you don’t need Sylvester Stallone’s biceps and triceps to do the lift-off. Another cool feature is its 100 mm suspension with lock-in lockout functionality and with this you can lock the suspension on plain roads for a smooth ride and enable the suspension on off roads to absorb shocks and jerks.


The Firefox Nuke 27.5 D bike is priced at `38,900 on its official website and is available in two colour options, orange and blue. One can choose a comfortable frame size before buying the cycle as there are two frame size options, 45 cm and 49 cm. The final price of the Firefox Nuke 27.5D depends upon the stock and showroom price offered by the dealer, and you can always negotiate for additional accessories at an extra cost or clubbed within the final price.


As an MTB meant for off-roads, firefox Nuke has a wide gear range of twenty-seven speeds, making the uphill rides easier, rides well and is an alloy lightweight frame that can be an everyday bike no matter which part of the country you live in.