Are you a billionaire who is on the lookout to buy your next car, or do you know anyone who is interested in their next project car? Look no further! I have the best new (technically used) vehicle one can purchase. The Toro Rosso’s STR14 chassis no.4, complete with its livery and driven both by Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon during the F1 season for 2019, is now on sale. Also, I have to add that this very car finished second at the Brazilian GP with Gasly at the wheel so you could own a piece of modern automotive history.

And yes, I know we all are eager to know how much it costs, so let it say it like the Ferrari driver from the first Fast and Furious movie “More than you can afford, pal”. But in all fairness, finding a fully race-spec Formula 1 car like this that has competed in the championship is almost impossible to find so putting a price tag on this is like trying to crack The Collatz Conjecture mathematic problem (NO, I am not that smart I had to search for it online).

The STR14 comes with all the essential components such as a working gearbox, all of its radiators, an active DRS system, a complete braking system and both race and travel steering wheels. If you noticed, I haven’t mentioned one more essential component: the engine. The 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 Honda engine, all the hydraulic system and the ECU (basically all things needed to move) are all missing. It is quite a bummer, I know, but on the plus side, you can run your imagination run wild and make a first every 2JZ powered Formula 1 car that goes stututu or how about adding a big block V8 muscle engine to make things interesting!

All things said and done, the STR14 would be an incredible piece of automotive technology to have as the centrepiece of any billionaire’s collection or maybe even a surreal piece of artwork to adorn their walls. The only thing I have to say is that I am not at all jealous (I am blatantly lying here) of that one lucky fellow.

Interestingly, if you want to have a look or even want to buy it, head over to:

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