We have seen a current trend wherein almost every supercar manufacturers we know is out to build a performance SUV. May it be Lamborghini with the Urus, Aston Martin with the DBX or even Ferrari developing a new SUV! These automakers claim that the market currently has demanded these performance SUVs, but is it true? Do people just want a vehicle that offers incredible performance that can be utilized on uneven pothole-riddled roads? Well, 27-year-old Mr Marc Philipp Gemballa certainly disagrees with these automakers and his creation; the Marsien shows just that.

Marsien 8

What is the Marsien, you ask? To put it plainly, it is a 750bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S on steroids that can be taken along the off beaten path without having any worries. Mr Marc Phillip Gemballa, or MPG (how ironic), is not associated in any way with his father’s business Gemballa that are known to make regular supercars even more unique.

Marsien 2

Alright enough, all we care about is the Marsien and nothing else. The name ‘Marsien’ is derived from the word ‘Martian’ presumably as this can handle the terrain of the Red planet too if someone sends it there (Ahem Musk…). Underneath that white paintwork, all the body panels are replaced with bespoke carbon fibre. Oh, the carbon fibre itself is made from F1 grade carbon which can be painted opted for in a naked weave (current hypercar trend).

Marsien 6

RUF, a tuner famous for making Porsche’s claim multiple speed records, have worked their magic on the 3.7-litre flat-six engine of the Turbo S. They have tweaked with the cooling and dust filtration for better airflow and fettled with the engine, which now produces 750bhp and 930Nm. Power is sent to all four wheels via a reinforced Porsche twin-clutch gearbox. For the sound of the vehicle, the leading performance exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič has developed an entirely new titanium exhaust system exclusively for the project.

Marsien 3

That’s not all. Underneath, everything is burlier. Driveshafts are extended, while Porsche’s Cayenne SUV components are swapped in to cope with the higher forces. In addition, a bespoke suspension from KW automotive design is built specifically for the Marsien with an adjustable set-up that hydraulically jacks the Marsien from 120mm (standard 911 Turbo S height) to a 250mm-high off-road altitude.

Marsien 4

Still not satisfied, how about ticking the box for the Reiger rally suspension if your extreme commute involves navigating through the pothole-ridden streets of Mumbai. (Hurrah BMC!). But there’s more! Opt for the power kit and new New VTG turbos, an ECU tweak and reworked gearbox can oblige you with 830 horsepower.

Marsien 9

Step inside, and you find the interiors of the 911 Turbo S draped in suede and carbon. The ‘Project Sandbox’ kick plates nod to the Marsien’s codename while it was being developed. Fun fact: MPG has been working on this since before the latest 911 Turbo was actually on sale. The first test mules were actually based on standard 911 Carrera 4s.

Marsien 10

And now for the big one, its price. The Marsien costs €495,000, or if you’re too lazy to convert it, Rs 4.34 crores. That excludes all the taxes and import duties. And by the way, you also need to buy a Porsche 911 Turbo S, which isn’t cheap, to begin with again. Are all these numbers making you sad for not being able to afford one? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t get one anyway as only 40 units are being built of the Marsien, and Gemeballa Jr claims that Half of them are already sold out.