India’s electric two-wheeler industry is still at a nascent stage, and the vision to drive the nation electric is now being shouldered by the new-age startups. One such aspiring and ambitious startup with a strong foundation and backing is Tork Motors. Tork Motors is a Pune-based e-bike manufacturing company that has recently launched two new electric bikes, Kratos and Kartos-R, for the Indian market.


Tork Motors is a brainchild of the founder Mr Kapil Shelke, an alumnus of Pune University, who has been actively involved in motorsport events since his college days. His tryst with EVs led him to build an electric motorcycle for racing that contested against the best in the world at the Isle of Man TT and TTX GP, UK. The quest to manufacture road-legal e-bikes started way back in 2009, and after extensive research and development, Tork Motors was founded in 2016. The vision of Mr Kapil Shelke and product capabilities of Tork motors has made Mr Ratan Tata(Indian Industrialist), Bhavesh Agrawal (Founder & CEO – Ola Cabs), Ankit Bhati( Co-founder & CTO – Ola Cabs) and Bharat forge (Manufacturing company) to invest in the startup. In 2016 company announced its electric motorcycle- T6X, but T6X never made it into the market. After years of testing and development, the startup has unveiled its electric motorcycle in two guises- Kratos and Kratos-R.


The Kratos and Kratos-R are designed and engineered entirely in India. As per company reports, components for the bikes are wholly built-in-house and are manufactured to precision. The Kratos features the signature split trellis frame with the battery pack nestled within to make it a compact and maneuverable motorcycle. Their racetrack experience has inspired them to use high strength steel tubes for the frame to provide an unmatched ride experience. We haven’t driven the Kratos yet, so we reserve our judgment on how well the bike handles and perform in the real-world scenario.


The Kratos and Kratos-R come with a host of features like multi-drive mode, reverse mode, front storage box, battery indicator, safe home feature, crash alert and an anti-theft system. The e-bike also features a digital instrument cluster USB charging and uses regenerative braking for efficient energy consumption. It also receives Over The Air (OTA) updates. Since its inception, Tork Motors has filed more than 50 patents and designs under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to bolster its R&D and cutting-edge technology. The battery pack is IP67 certified water-resistant and comes with an intelligent battery management system that records data from four different temperature sensors, voltage and current, for real-time analytics.


The Kratos is powered by a highly efficient Axial Flux motor and the company’s proprietary 4kWh lithium-ion Battery pack. The Kratos delivers max power of 10bhp and torque of 28Nm, whereas the sporty Kratos-R produces 12bhp of power and 38Nm of torque. Both bikes get single-stage gear reduction with a chain drive system. Kratos can go 0-40kmph in 4 sec, and on the other hand, Kratos-R does it in 0-40kmph in just 3.5 sec. According to company reports, both the models get 180 km of range in ideal condition,120km in Eco mode,100km in city mode, and 70km in sports mode. Kratos can reach a top speed of 100kmph, and Kratos-R can achieve a claimed top speed of 105 kmph. The speed in reverse mode is restricted to only 5kmph in both vehicles.

Pricing and Warranty

Kratos and Kratos-R are available at an attractive price of Rs.1.07 lakh and Rs.1.22 lakh (effective ex-showroom Pune post-subsidy), respectively. Both vehicles will get standard 3 years or 40000km of warranty, whichever is earlier. The company has provided Kartos with a white-only colour option to differentiate Kratos from Kratos-R. In contrast, the Kartos-R will be equipped with four colour options: white, red, blue, and black. The company hasn’t given any clarifications on when the delivery of the bikes will commence, but one can book the bike by paying just Rs.999 from the Tork Motors official website. The bike will be available to PAN India in a phased manner.