2020 is coming to a grinding halt. In fact, the entire human race would have loved to slam a hard brake in April and turn the year to 2021 only if that meant braking the Covid away. For the auto industry in April, the jump from no sales to a resounding sales figures better than 2019 in the last few months has saved the Indian economy from total collapse. Don’t forget, the auto industry is 56% of manufacturing GDP of the country. But what does the future look like? The momentum will continue and exciting models like the Sonet, Hyundai Venue iMT and the luxury brands also dropping their aspirational badges have played a big part. Now Nissan Magnite comes to the party, and with its aggressive pricing and features, it is a sleeper bomb ready to explode. For once, Nissan has got it right. Even the name of the product – Magnite is shaking up the sub-4-metre SUV segment and has given an excellent product to the graduating class of motorcyclists looking to add the two extra wheels. There surely will be more Nissan on the roads with the Magnite and I sincerely hope the GTR and the PATROL also come parked at the Nissan showroom. If nothing else, they will only help sell more of the Magnite and give us petrolheads more reasons to rejoice.

But what exactly is the future then? it’s the EV of course! Let's take a deep breath and swallow this in our lungs, mind, body and have it tattooed on our forearms as a constant reminder. There is no escaping the fact that EV will be the future. We will all be driving EVs of various shapes and sizes. Fuel tank capacity will be replaced with kilowatt. If you invest in the stock market then sell those petroleum and related shares. If you are thinking of an automotive startup, think EV. We got all the four models that are up for sale in India, right from the Nexon EV to the top-end Mercedes EQC through the MG ZS EV and the Hyundai Kona that we are currently living with as our long-termer. It’s a story which answers the perennial question of range anxiety and for that occasional long drive to your farm apart from the daily city lives. It’s a story which is a fitting one to close 2020 and to look forward to 2021, to the future that is.

Until we meet in Jan 2021, stay good, keep your masks on and at the same time don’t forget to celebrate life, Christmas and the last day of the year to ring in the new year which is undoubtedly by far the most awaited year of the century!