Extending its efforts to supplement the healthcare infrastructure, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) handed over essential medical equipment and supplies to the local health departments Ramanagara district in Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Dr C N Ashwathnarayan on the 24th of May 2021. TKM operates two manufacturing plants in Bidadi, Ramanagara district, close to Bangalore.

The medical equipment included oxygen concentrators for treating critical patients at various facilities in the Ramanagara district. Apart from oxygen concentrators, TKM has provided Ambu bags, bedside monitors, oximeters, Glucometers, masks, sanitisers and other essential materials to the District Health Officer of Ramanagara for their immediate requirements. Additionally, TKM also extended support by providing masks and sanitisers to the Police and other Government Departments of Bangalore and Ramanagara. Further, TKM is in discussion with the Health Department, Ramanagara, to support the vaccination drive in line with the National Health Mission by providing transportation facilities to medical staff and beneficiaries. The future activities in the pipeline include additional essential materials like CT scanner and accessories, additional oxygen concentrators and other necessary items that will be handed over in due course.

Dr C N Ashwathnarayan, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister who was present on the occasion of the handover, said, “In addition to the state government’s ongoing measures, with the cooperation of the industry we are working tirelessly to further strengthen medical facilities for the timely treatment of the needy patients. It is heartening to see the support we are getting from the corporate citizens in the state in creating the additional healthcare infrastructure at a rapid pace. TKM has been an active participant in community initiatives for many years now; in particular, they have been complementing our efforts in the times of crises. Their latest contribution will help us meet the treatment requirements during this critical time and in the future too. “

Talking about the initiative, Mr Vikram Gulati, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Governance, TKM, said, “By providing necessary medical equipment, we hope to strengthen the efforts of the Government of Karnataka to rapidly boost the healthcare infrastructure in line with the growing requirements. It is our continued commitment to our local communities to help overcome the current crisis and contribute in a manner to save as many lives as possible. We are continuously monitoring the emerging needs of our communities with the help of the relevant Government departments so that we can contribute effectively. We are hopeful the current crisis will near its end soon with the combined efforts of the Government and all stakeholders. “