When one thinks of scooters, the first thought that pops in one’s head are the scooters used by mothers to drop their kids to school in, or even perhaps a mode of transport that people prefer over bikes. But that perception changed when TVS first launched the Ntorq 125. Finally, enthusiasts started to realize that they can extract a lot of fun from a 125cc scooter without having to burn a hole in their pockets. That dream was short-lived, though, due to the BSVI update that the Ntorq got, which made the scooter slower and heavier.

Race XP 1
The Ntorq Race XP is more than just a sticker job.

Seems like TVS has heard all the enthusiasts grumble about the BSVI update that the Ntorq received because let me be the first one to tell you that the TVS Ntorq Race XP certainly brings back the charm that the pre-BSVI era scooter first had. Before you sit and scratch your heads, wondering what I mean, let me just dive into the details of the Ntorq Race XP.

Engine of the Ntorq Race XP

This has to be the first thing we look into when we talk about the Ntorq Race XP, its 124.8cc single-cylinder, the air-cooled motor produces 10.45bhp and 10.8Nm of torque which TVS claims makes this the most powerful 125cc in India currently. Compared to the 9.2bhp and 10.5Nm figures of the other variants of the Ntorq, this bump in power might feel minuscule. But hammer the throttle on the Race XP, and you are bound to have a smile on your face as you leave everyone behind.

Race XP 2
The starter button also doubles as the mode selector button and voice command button!

Additionally, you also have access to two different riding modes – Street and Race. In Street, the throttle response of the scooter feels a lot more modest but switch it to Race, and you start to feel the throttle response getting better. But that is not all, in Street, I saw an indicated top speed of 93km/h, while on Race, the maximum top speed I achieved was 108km/h, so changing the modes does tweak the engine response and top-speed on the scooter doesn’t feel like a gimmick.

Handling of the Ntorq Race XP

This is where the TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP really took me by surprise, I was expecting the scooter to handle just like every other 125cc scooter, but it feels so planted. The suspension set-up on the scooter is on the harder side. You do feel most bumps and undulations on the road, but chuck the Race XP around a few corners, and it offered so much confidence while taking those corners.

Race XP 3
What is distinctive to the Race XP are these bright red alloy wheels.

Plus, the bite on the brakes are extremely good, so you do not have to worry about entering a turn too hot as the 100/80 (f) and 110.80 (r) section 12-inch TVS tyres that the scooter comes with are simply brilliant and offer a good amount of grip in wet and dry road conditions. Also, TVS says that the Race XP, unlike the other variants, uses advanced engineering polymers, high strength steel and alloy steel, which add up to the scooter being 2kg lighter than the others, weighing in at 116kg.

Technology on the Ntorq Race XP

Race XP 4
The amount of information this tiny display showcases blew my mind

Now, this is yet another element where TVS offers you quite a few bragging rights. As standard, the Ntorq 125 Race XP comes with over sixty features on offer. But what really stands out is the option to now give voice commands to the SmartXconnect app and execute several commands verbally through a connected device like a Bluetooth enabled helmet or headphones. You can provide a voice command for numerous things, such as managing calls and messages received and switching between riding modes. Still, truth be told, it does not recognize your voice command most of the time. I tried to give it a go while the scooter was on the move, and it just wouldn’t acknowledge my command.


Race XP 5
With all the decals and red rims, it certainly grabs people’s attention.

My answer for this is going to be short and simple. If you are in the market for a 125cc scooter, then quite honestly, look no further. Yes, I agree that while the red wheels and shouty stickers make the scooter look cool, it can seem quite an overkill, but skip past those boy-racer decals, and the TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP is quite a capable machine. Keep it in street, and you are bound to get quite a decent average of the scooter, but if, like me, you are inclined more towards performance, toggle the mode button to race and just leave it there. Plus, add in the factor of having a whole host of features and also a raunchy exhaust note, and this scooter will most defiantly win you over almost instantly.


Engine – 124.8cc single-cylinder, the air-cooled motor
Power – 10bhp (Street), 10.45bhp (race)
Torque – 10.8Nm(Both modes)
Weight – 116 kilograms
Top Speed – 108km/h (tested)
Price – Rs 89,737 (ex-showroom,Mumbai)

For – Performance, SmartXConnect features
Against – Seat comfort, stiff suspension

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