Chennai based two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor Company registers sales of 166,889 units during the month of May 2021. In comparison, the sales figures of May 2020 was at 58,906 units which are nearly half of the current figure. TVS states that the recent domestic sales for May 2021 are lower than in the previous months due to the state-wide lockdown imposed in many parts of India. However, the bike manufacturer has also reduced the required dealer stock requirements to support its dealers and channel partners and continue producing adequate inventories for customer demand.

The cumulative two-wheeler registered sales figure stands at 154,416 units for May 2021 as compared to the total figure of 56,218 units for May 2020. And here is a break up of the numbers, the motorcycle registered sales are at 125,188 units in May 2021, while the company’s scooter sales are registered at 19,627 units in May 2021. As a result, domestic two-wheeler registered 52,084 units in May 2021 against sales of 41,067 units in May 2020.

TVS Motor’s total exported registered sales numbers are at 114,674 units in the month of May 2021 compared to just 17,707 units shipped in the month of May 2020 due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, TVS states that the demand in the international market continues to be booming.

The current portfolio of TVS Motors for India consists of an extensive range of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and even a fully electric scooter. The scooter line-up consists of the Ntorq, Jupiter, Zest 110 and the Scooter Pep +, and the fully electric iQube. The motorcycles offered by TVS are Apache RR 310, Apache RTR Series, Radeon, StaR City + and the Sport.

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