India’s fledgling electric two-wheeler industry might have received a smorgasbord of electric two-wheelers but the same cannot be said about electric motorcycles. Constant technical developments and the ever-increasing footprint of charging infrastructure are playing a key role in the emergence of new players in this segment. The electric motorcycle segment in India is currently at a very nascent stage with only a couple of players deserving the ‘mainstream’ tag. The recently launched Tork Kratos and the already-established Revolt RV400 will soon have to brace the impact of another player – a ‘high-performance’ electric bike by Oben EV.

Oben EV is a Bangalore-based startup that is soon going to launch its electric motorcycles which is currently being called the Rorr. Expect the motorcycle to announce its official arrival between April and June.

Coming to the juicier bits now, Oben EV is claiming that its upcoming electric motorcycle will have a top speed of 100 km/hr and a range of 200 kilometres. The magical figure of 200 km/charge hasn’t been targeted or achieved by ANY EV manufacturer in India, at least when it comes to motorcycles. Although we believe that in real-world riding conditions, if Oben EV sticks true to its claim, can provide the rider with a range of 100-120 km/charge. Oben EV has also one nifty trick up its sleeve, of which, it has already filed a patent for. The patented tech is based around the batter pack which will make use of maximum heat exchange technology to keep the cells cool even when you are ripping it (or zipping it, because it’s electric)?

The overall design philosophy as can be seen from the initial renders indicate at an amalgamation between retro-design elements with a pinch of modernity. An ideal recipe as it has been already proven by the likes of Honda CB300R and the quarter-litre Huskies. Up front, a round-shaped headlight unit finds its place in utter prominence while the chiselled tank is hard to ignore either. The riding ergonomics seem on part with its rivals like the RV400. We can expect Oben EV to strike a neat balance between being comfortable for city commutes and sporty enough to excite riders shifting from their ICE-powered guzzlers.

As exciting as it may sound, Oben EV is yet to reveal some key details which will ultimately write down its fate in the Indian automotive world. The Bangalore-based startup has remained silent when it comes to its sales, service and EV charging station front. However, the company has revealed that it is going to set up its own charging stations.