The GT 4-Door Coupe is a classic example of Mercedes thinking out of the box. It is a low, swooping super-saloon that is loud, and no matter what paint shade you choose, it will stand out like black on white. However, Merc thinks that isn’t good enough and has revealed the updated GT 4-Door Coupe, which brings cosmetic changes mainly on the inside and under the skin.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Topgear-MagazineThe updates are currently announced globally and are only available for the smaller GT 53, which features an in-line six-cylinder twin-turbo petrol engine making 429bhp and 520Nm. The same engine also does duties on the GLE 53 Coupe SUV. Sure it won’t have the raucous exhaust note of the bigger 63 V8, but that’s anyway not the version we get in India. Similar updates to the 63 are set to be feature later in the year.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4--Realr-Look-Topgear-MagazineHowever, as things stand, the 53 is no more modern on the inside, thanks to a revamped interior. The steering wheel is in line with the latest sporty Mercs, and there are updates to the infotainment system. Other new features include updated driving assistance systems and, fitted as standard, the Widescreen Cockpit, including the MBUX multimedia system with AMG-specific displays and functions.

Mercedes-AMG-GT4--Interior-Topgear-MagazineThe suspension, too, has been tweaked, and the AMG RIDE CONTROL+ is now better suited to the character of the GT. The stiffness that meddled with the comfort is now reduced, and the suspension is better cushioned and offers a more relaxing experience.
What’s also new is the addition of new designs for the wheels. 20-inch 10-twin-spoke or even 21-inch 5-twin-spoke design to stand out from the crowd.

Mercedes-AMG-GT4--Wheel-Topgear-MagazineYou can also customise the interior with Nappa leather with diamond stitching and go as far as matching the floor mats with the upholstery color.
All this is well and good, and while we do hope Merc gets this slightly docile version to our shores, we hope it doesn’t come at the cost of losing the bigger 63. It is one of the last proper loud and fun V8s out there and a big part of why the GT 4-Door is loved.