Formula 1 has just gotten a lot more exciting for the fans thanks to ‘Sprint Qualifying’. Introduced as a temporary trial run, it will sort of a mini race on Saturday which will decide the starting grid for the real race on Sunday. All 10 teams have unanimously agreed to support ‘Sprint Qualifying’ and that is great news.

So what exactly is it? Well, the initial sequence that led up to the race was, First Practice on Friday followed by a Second Practice session. Then on Saturday, you had Third Practice followed by Qualifying and then the main race on Sunday.
Now though, the sequence will be as follows:

Friday: FP1 for 60 mins with two sets of tyres available. This will be followed by a standard qualifying session like we are used to seeing.
That will then decide the grid position for the Sprint Qualifying that is to be held on Saturday

Saturday: FP2 for 60 mins with one set of tyre to choose from. Here, drivers and teams can make their final adjustments and changes to the car right before Sprint Qualifying.
Once the FP2 is finished, cars will line up according to the timings set on Friday for a 100km race that will last around 30 mins.
According to the finishing order of the Sprint Qualifying, cars will earn their places on the grid for the main race on Sunday.

Sunday: Main race with two tyre sets to choose from. This will be the one we all love. No complications here.

That said, Spring Qualifying will also allot points for the top three drivers with 1st getting 3pts, 2nd getting 2pts and 3rd getting 1pt along with a trophy to the winner presented at Parc Ferme. This is sure to have an effect on the overall world championship points and is likely to make the outcome close and nail-biting.

The ‘Sprint Qualifying’ will be featured on only three of the races in this season as it is still in the trial and error phase. The exact venues aren’t confirmed yet, but Silverstone and Monza are rumored to have been narrowed down. Until then, we can hope for an exciting F1 weekend in Portugal.