You can now buy an F1 Safety Car, almost.

F1 Edition of the Vantage is as special as they come.

Hardcore F1 fans will lap up almost any F1 related merch out there. The more fortunate ones order it from the official websites paying astronomical prices, while the commoners rely on first-copy caps and hoodies to show off their undying support. However, the latest and exciting merch currently is pretty much for the fortunate ones out there.
If you have been following the latest season, you’d know that the famous silver ‘Safety Car’ that was a fancy AMG is now replaced with an Aston Martin. Not sure how Bernd Maylander (who pilots the safety car) feels about it, but the Astons are here to stay.
So, if you have been drooling over the British Racing Green Aston Martin vantage with stickers and strobe lights, you can now buy a special version of the Vantage that pays homage to the safety car.

The Vantage F1 Edition will see that you feel no less than Bernd Maylander, and it isn’t just a name tag that is the difference. Built to celebrate the British marque’s return to the sport almost 60 years later, it sits right at the top of the Vantage line-up. Dubbed as the fastest and the most focussed version of the Vantage, it has some big shoes to fill.
It’s got plenty of performance tweaks to do justice on the track and still maintain the composure known of Aston Martins.

Let’s talk numbers. The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that powers the F1 Edition is the same as the standard car but produces 24bhp more, making it a total of 528bhp. The 685Nm torque remains unchanged, but a fair amount of work has gone into the 8-speed automatic transmission. It is now faster on upshifts and feels a lot more precise.
The nerdiness continues as the chassis has been stiffened, and the dampers offer a better cornering experience and better body control. The same goes for the steering system, which now feels more precise and provides better feedback. All done with the focus on track and driving dynamics.

On the aesthetics side, the wheels are now updated to 21-inch from the standard 20-inch models and wrapped around them is specially made rubber from Pirelli. The lower profile tyre is yet again in tune with delivering the best feel and feedback and offer a better experience. You will also notice an aero kit that provides 200kg of downforce in total and helps it stand out in a sea of standard Vantages: a new splitter, new dive planes, underbody vanes, the whole shebang. Stuff you can use to brag while you’re at the Monaco GP.

The interior mimics the exterior and the philosophy of the F1 Edition, which is focus and performance. The black leather meshed with the grey Alcantara works well, and for that special touch, there is also a small plaque in the centre console. Perfect for Instagram.
Now the F1 Edition isn’t a limited edition, so you won’t really run out of time, but should you be lucky enough to get your hands on one, please put up a strobe light. And yes, do send a picture to Bernd. He’s not the only guy driving it anymore.