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Conquering Commutes and CNG Woes: A Look at the Tata Tigor iCNG

The Indian car market is witnessing a surge in demand for CNG vehicles. The allure of significantly lower running costs compared to petrol is undeniable, but traditional CNG conversions often have a significant drawback – bulky cylinders that eat into precious boot space. Tata Motors, however, has thrown a curveball with the introduction of the Tata Tigor iCNG, a compact sedan that addresses this very concern.

Twin CNG Cylinders: Innovation Meets Practicality

Imagine a CNG-powered car that doesn't force you to choose between luggage space and a lighter fuel bill. That's the magic of the Tigor iCNG's innovative twin CNG cylinder architecture. Instead of a single, space-hogging cylinder, Tata Motors has cleverly integrated two, sleeker cylinders under the boot floor. This ingenious design frees up valuable boot space, making the Tigor iCNG a truly practical proposition for everyday use.

The Allure of Automatics in a CNG World

But the Tigor iCNG doesn't stop at just being practical. It raises the bar further by being one of the rare CNG-powered sedans available with an automatic transmission. In today's traffic-laden Indian cities, an automatic gearbox is a game-changer. Stop-go commutes become a breeze, reducing driver fatigue and enhancing the overall driving experience. The Tigor iCNG understands this need and caters to it perfectly. 

A Room for Improvement: Refining the Automatic Experience

While the automatic transmission in the Tigor iCNG is a welcome addition, it's not without its quirks. The eager adoption of an automatic gearbox seems to have outpaced its current level of refinement. The Tigor iCNG's automatic transmission can exhibit occasional hesitation when it comes to gear selection and power delivery. A touch more polish in terms of shift logic and responsiveness would significantly elevate the driving experience.

The Verdict: A Promising CNG Contender

Despite the slight gearbox hitch, the Tata Tigor iCNG emerges as a compelling option for those seeking a practical, fuel-efficient sedan with the added comfort of an automatic transmission. The innovative twin CNG cylinder design is a winner in terms of space utilization, and the automatic gearbox is a boon for city driving. With some potential refinements to the responsiveness of the automatic transmission, the Tigor iCNG has the potential to become the go-to choice for those seeking a comfortable, economical, and practical CNG-powered sedan. So, if you're looking to conquer your commutes while keeping your wallet happy, the Tata Tigor iCNG is definitely worth a closer look.

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