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ONE Litre Of Fuel On Atal Setu | Honda City e:HEV Hybrid Proves A Point

Ever dreamed of cruising down the highway in a silent whisper, leaving nothing behind but a clean conscience? Electric vehicles (EVs) are turning that dream into reality. But before you ditch the gas station forever, let's take a closer look. EVs are like shiny new gadgets – exciting and full of potential, but also with a few kinks to iron out. 

For those yearning for cost-effective journeys, an electrified hybrid provides a solution sans the electric drama. To underscore this, I decided to bring together two technological marvels: the recently acclaimed Atal Setu, India's longest sea bridge, and the Honda City e:HEV, seamlessly blending the benefits of both petrol and electric.

The mission was straightforward—utilize Atal Setu as a testing ground while the City e:HEV traversed it, refueling at the first petrol stations on either side to gauge fuel consumption. The total distance would be very close to the City e:HEV’s claimed fuel efficiency of 27.13 kmpl, and thus our anticipation was for it to consume approximately one liter of fuel. This wouldn't be a hypermiling test; rather, we aimed to push the speed limits permitted on the roads to elevate the challenge.

The early timing served two purposes—escaping traffic for optimal testing conditions and enjoying a surreal sunrise, almost like driving into it. And because we were testing the tank-up to tank-up way, I was unburdened by the anxiety of running out of fuel and straining the fuel pump to its limits. Nearly everything about the City contributed to a supremely comfortable drive. A true executive sedan in every sense, it delivers an unparalleled ride experience. Yet, for those who enjoy taking the wheel themselves, it can still transform into a dynamic Japanese car, offering an engaging driving experience. The highlight, however, has to be the steering wheel – perfectly sized with just the right amount of thickness.

Even while adhering to the 100 kmph speed limit, the strong hybrid system delivered an impressive 25.95kmpl fuel efficiency. This made me wonder about the supernatural capabilities of the City e:HEV. Frankly, with such performance, it's hard to imagine why anyone would consider another car. This notion was all the more strong as we tanked up the car on the other end of the Atal Setu - finishing a 24.4km drive that only consumed 940ml of petrol (insert mind blowing emoji here). It's astonishingly fuel-efficient, loaded with features, comfortable, reassuring, and aesthetically pleasing. It's simply perfect!

India's longest sea bridge has amassed crores in toll collection, thus proving that it truly is helping ease our transportation concerns and is being used by many commuters. What sets City e:HEV drivers apart is their consumption of less than a liter of fuel, making it the most economical way to travel unless you charge your electric vehicle at home.

Experience the running costs of an electric vehicle without the associated range anxiety or limitations. These marvels are not confined to museums or sci-fi movies, but live in the nearest Honda showroom near you! 

Facts You Should Know:

Total Length of Atal Setu Mumbai-Trans Harbour Link: 21.8km

Total distance covered between first and last petrol station: 24.4km

Actual fuel efficiency received: 25.95kmpl

Fuel filled: 940ml

Average speed: 84kmph

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