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World Motorcycle Day | Don’t Risk Your Safety

Why do we ride? Fun, meditation, thrill, adventure, and the list of generic answers go on and on. Indeed, an auto enthusiast craves such dopamine releasing emotions, which make their life colourful. Well, more often than not, we ignore the risky side of the thrill. And perhaps that is why riding on the Indian roads is one of the most dangerous things to do. Well, bad roads, improper riding habits and ignorance of safety account for all those dangers. On top of that, we can’t control uncertainties , but all we can do is to suit up to minimize the risk and maximize fun, can’t we?

The government has mandated the use of helmets, not just for the rider but also for the pillion. But the point is quality standards for the helmet have not been governed. Most of the helmets you/we see are just the bare shell that saves from the fine. And the truth is, the objective of wearing a helmet is not to extricate from hefty fines but to protect oneself from injury or death. Many senior journalists and motorcyclists have shed light on the advantages of using proper riding gears from time to time. The sheer ignorance to such safety advocacy goes in vain due to economic and comfort barriers. And the truth is they are not the barriers. It is just a matter of time before we get accustomed to such healthy habits. Always remember- The cost of our hospital bills will always be more than riding gears, and the agony and pain one will go through will not only cause troubles to the rider but also to their well-wishers.

Proper helmets, gloves, riding jackets, riding boots, and riding pants are the most essentials for every motorcyclist, along with the riding skills.The certainty of accidents always remains questionable; no matter how smart you are, you won’t control it. I had a severe accident during my college days, where-in I fell badly from a motorcycle. I banged onto the tarmac at high speed. Thanks to the DOT-certified helmet, I was scot-free. Lucky, you say. Blessed ,I reply. Recently, I also fell off from my Duke390, but my riding gears acted as a layer that minimized impact , and kept me safe.

Before buying a bike, go to a motorcycle store and buy a snug-fit helmet that is ideally in sync with your head movement and gives little breathing space. Just make sure that to compromise comfort, do not buy a loose-fit helmet. Buy one that fits well for your head, and eventually, you will get accustomed to it. Helmet, Gloves, Riding Boots, Riding jackets and pants with quality armours should be your attire on motorcycle. Also, the slight discomfort of riding gears for grocery runs should never be a complaint. They say, “better to be safe than sorry”, and they are right. Riding gears minimizes the injuries and keeps you safe. Wear riding gears and don’t risk safety.

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