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Exploring Wilderness In The Lap Of Luxury | Jeep Grand Cherokee X Evolve Back Kabini

There’s a saying, “One smile can start a friendship, one word can end a fight, one look can save a relationship, but one Jeep can change your life.” When it comes to adventure driving, the first word that comes to mind is Jeep, and for luxury and wildlife enthusiasts, it’s Evolve Back and Kabini, in that order. Combine all three, and you get the perfect recipe for a wildlife adventure with luxury. Add Jeep’s flagship, the legendary Grand Cherokee, and we are talking about a gourmet meal. 

Speaking of meals at Evolve Back Resort, luxury dining becomes an art, and every meal is a masterpiece. Their kitchen is a theatre where ingredients take center stage, creating a symphony of flavors. The culinary journey here is like poetry for the palate. Every bite tells a story, much like every Grand Cherokee is a part of incredible adventurous stories, sprinkled with a dash of luxury. 

Kabini, situated on the southwestern side of the Nagarhole National Park in the Mysore district, boasts a mix of dry and moist deciduous forests and includes the famed backwaters of the Kabini, a unique micro-habitat. It’s a 4-hour drive from Bangalore, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee sets the mood, igniting our adventurous spirit to drive into the wild. Nestled in the heart of Kabini is the renowned Evolve Back Resort, our comfortable abode for the next three nights. 

Some places demand exploration, and Kabini is undoubtedly one of them. To venture into the unknown, a Jeep is always the first and undisputed choice. Introduce the legendary Grand Cherokee, and you have a luxurious, sophisticated, yet wild off-roader equipped with advanced technology, including a noise cancellation system, a co-passenger screen, and one of the best boot capacities – a whopping 782 liters, doubling up to 1554 liters. To put it into perspective, its direct segment competitor, the Mercedes GLE, offers 630 liters, while its closest competitor, the GLC, provides a mere 550 liters. The well-appointed cabin of the Grand Cherokee offers an unmatched experience of comfort and convenience with its Quadra-Trac I® 4x4 All Drive System, allowing you to power through rough terrains in any weather condition, making every drive a memorable one.

Evolve Back offers an early morning boat safari on the Kabini River, providing an opportunity to spot tigers and other jungle inhabitants. We encountered a variety of birds such as painted storks, jungle crows, hornbills, ospreys, and more. Crocodiles basked in the sun, and elephants enjoyed refreshing baths around the Nandiippur tiger reserve. Although our eyes were fixated on spotting a tiger after hearing that one had been sighted the previous day, we returned to the beautiful Evolve Back with moist eyes, connecting with nature on a deeper level. However, the Grand Cherokee, with its beast mode, stood there promising style and performance, taking us deeper into the wild. Just like when the land ends and the river begins, effortlessly transitioning where mighty SUVs can’t go, boats take over. Boat rides are always thrilling, adventurous, and relaxing – akin to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which delivers impressive performance up to 268.27 bhp with a substantial 400 Nm of torque. Its handling is remarkable, with a suspension system tuned explicitly for off-road capability, featuring various drive modes that allow you to adjust the suspension and drivetrain for different conditions, including a sport mode. We maneuvered through muddy patches close to the riverbed, almost akin to swimming, only to intensely dive into an infinity pool cascading into the Kabini River. This is the allure of Evolve Back.

We ventured off to visit the ‘Spirit of Kabini’ – a tribal village providing a unique experience. The older adults preferred sleeping on the floor in their mud houses, finding healing from their day’s toil. Despite lacking material comforts and desires, they exuded contentment. The road to the tribal village was rough, lacking tarmac, and this is where the Jeep’s power truly shone! Whether driving over sand, mud, off-road patches, or anything else, the Jeep Grand Cherokee effortlessly commanded these terrains, ensuring a comfortable and confident ride as we ventured further into the wild. 

The Grand Cherokee is more than just a vehicle; it’s a dance with nature. Its powerful engine guided us through untamed adventures along trails that led to unexplored territories. Stepping inside, you’re enveloped in a world of comfort, with leather seats embracing you like a warm hug while maintaining the rugged and minimalistic vibe. The interior is spacious and comfortable, featuring a flat new bonnet and long lines, leading to a beautiful sundowner experience overlooking Kabini from the infinity deck at Evolve Back.

Kabini is wild yet peaceful, and Evolve Back seamlessly integrates with nature, offering 37 villas with private pools spread across 15 acres. The sound of birds chirping serves as your morning alarm, immersing you in the tranquility of nature while indulging in luxury. We also experienced a simple and traditional mode of transportation – a bullock cart ride, accompanied by the musical lore of our bullock cart driver as he guided us along Kabini’s river trails. Yet, there was another breed of bull, one much faster and reminiscent of modern times – the ultra-fast and luxurious Lamborghini Urus. However, even this super SUV had limitations and couldn’t tread where the Grand Cherokee effortlessly ventured.

As our adventure came to an end, it was time to return to the hustle and bustle of city life, away from the serenity of nature. Reflecting on our experience, we realized that life should be lived with numerous adventurous trails. The Grand Cherokee and Evolve Back, Kabini, beautifully connect the dots between peace and city life, illustrating the essence of a life well-lived.

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