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Into The Wild | Episode 7 | Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

The idea of getting INTO THE WILD will allow me to witness the infrastructural growth of Nagpur that I have heard of; the way it has transformed its transportation solutions is among the best in the world.

A widely known adage states: “We often fail to notice things that are close to our place”. It’s a harsh truth that when you become too familiar with something, you can become complacent. Regrettably, despite residing in Maharashtra, I have not paid sufficient heed to the Pench Tiger Reserve. Moreover, the idea of getting INTO THE WILD will allow me to witness the infrastructural growth of Nagpur that I have heard of; the way it has transformed its transportation solutions is among the best in the world. Then there is Pench Tiger Reserve, which adds adventurous characterto the charming city of Oranges, offering an unparalleled experience. The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is undoubtedly the best car one can ask for. The value quotient of this vehicle has won the hearts of many, making it a great option for daily commutes and leisurely trips such as ours.

India, as well as Maharashtra, acknowledges the importance of Nagpur city because of its distinctive characteristics. This city is commonly referred to as the “Orange City” because it serves as a significant trade hub for locally grown oranges. The winter capital of Maharashtra - Nagpur, has a significant geographical advantage as it is located at the exact centre of India, marked by the “Zero Mile Marker”. I would be taking Grand i10 Nios to explore the city's infrastructure, its culture and, at last, the famous Pench Tiger Reserve.

Nagpur features Asia’s longest multi-layer transportation network. A double-decker viaduct carries highway flyover at the first and Metro Rail second levels, making it a three-tier transportation system with the existing highway at ground level. All these avoid additional land acquisition costs and save a lot of construction time. The double-decker viaduct of 3.14 km on the Wardha Road has garnered appreciation from Guinness World Records. Smooth sailing across the city with no traffic jams felt so pleasant to move around, something that I miss in Mumbai City. The road infrastructure of Nagpur city is an engineering marvel to witness. Cruising around in a small hatchback with a peppy 1.2-l, 4-cylinder petrol engine with an AMT gearbox made it quite fun and relaxing. Honestly, with an AMT, it felt lively to drive around, and given the dimensional advantage Grand i10 Nios has, it made playing around with the car very engaging. Whether putting through narrow lanes or exploring the outskirts of the city - the Grand i10 felt like a charming companion.

The interiors of the Grandi10 Nios make it a special place to be; thanks to its light colour schemes, the car feels more prominent and spacious. A car’s interiors can transform long drives into unforgettable experiences, and the Grand i10 Nios is one such car that can make the experience worthwhile. The quality of materials used and the dashboard’s colour scheme make it premium. I have been driving it the entire day, and I haven’t had any rattling noise whatsoever; this shows how well-built the cabin is. On our way to Pench Tiger Reserve, we wanted to explore the farms of Orange. The journey required navigating through rough roads to reach farmland, and the car took everything under its stride, showing us how capable it can be, even on bad roads. The steering further adds a sense of comfort; it is so light, making manoeuvring relatively hassle-free. Once reached, we found out oranges are not at their peak ripeness. However, once they do reach their optimal ripeness, the farm will undoubtedly be a sight to behold.

After exploring farmland, it was time to head into the wilderness of Pench Tiger Reserve. The roads that led us to the destination were so mesmerizing. Driving through the heavy rain, surrounded by fog and lush green trees, was a memorable experience. Moreover, it was the Grand i10 Nios that encouraged me to have some blast fun; however, it was time for me to relax and soak in the moments, and that’s when functions like cruise control made it special. Such features make the overall experience entirely stress-free. Set the speed according to the mentioned requirement on an empty stretch and just relax and enjoy. Caution- Don’t be carried away; always be alert when using cruise control.

Upon our arrival at Pench Tiger Reserve, our keen interest in discovering wildlife was immediately sparked, and we were filled with a strong desire to immerse ourselves in the adventure. At Pench Tiger Reserve, there are several gates for entering the wilderness. We opted for the Turia Gate. It is one of the oldest and famous gates to enter, and it lies almost on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Upon entering, we were greeted by the dynamic views of rocks, surrounded by towering

Ghost trees and sparkling Salai trees. The glory of Pench Tiger Reserve has been intact since 1975. The reserve is famous for its tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sambhar, chital, peafowl, monkeys and more. The Pench Tiger Reserve earned the esteemed National Tourism Prize 2006-07 for its exceptional upkeep as a tourist-friendly national park. Renowned authors, wildlife photographers, and explorers flock here to witness the expansive array of flora and fauna. Well, the Pench Tiger Reserve and the surrounding area are the actual story area of Rudyard Kipling’s famous “The Jungle Book”. Unfortunately, we could not encounter any wildlife species apart from a few Monkeys and deers. Encountering a tiger in the afternoon is uncommon since they typically come out during dawn or dusk. My visit to the reserve was indeed pleasant and adventurous. Regrettably, I was unable to catch a glimpse of the tiger I had anticipated, but my cameraman was successful in doing so. Nevertheless, I had a companion to cheer me up on my way back home- the Grand i10 Nios. The car’s transformation from a tiny cub to a beloved small Tiger is undeniably gratifying. For an adventure such as ours, one needs a worthy companion. Someone who can not only travel from point A to Point B but also make it comfortable and tireless; this is what the Grand i10 Nios package does. The car had me indulged in the perfect driving experience to uncharted INTO THE WILD destinations with an unparalleled experience of satisfaction.

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