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The Ferrari 296 GTB | Elegant Fury

"Designed for the exclusive few, the Ferrari 296 GTB is a vehicle where unbridled passion and refinement meet."

Ferrari 296 GTB is the pinnacle of automotive sophistication; every curve and technical feat on this vehicle embodies the quest for automotive perfection. It is a symbol of refined passion. This masterwork of Maranello's craftsmanship represents a tradition of excellence, with each element of the design carefully chosen to balance cutting-edge performance and aesthetic appeal. Ferrari's 296 GTB epitomizes their relentless pursuit of automotive innovation, from its elegant curves that evoke a timeless allure to the precisely engineered components that promise unmatched driving dynamics.

"The 296 GTB is a celebration of luxury, speed, and pure exhilaration — a Ferrari unlike any other."

Beneath its alluring exterior is a haven designed for the ultimate enthusiast of both luxury and speed. By fusing luxurious materials with cutting-edge technology, the cabin surrounds its guests in an opulent cocoon. Drivers are invited to experience a symphony of comfort and control through every element, including the ergonomic seats and the seamlessly integrated infotainment system.

"The Ferrari 296 GTB elevates perfection and is a prime example of Ferrari's commitment to automotive artistry."

Official Ferrari Dealer (Delhi): Select Cars Pvt. Ltd.
Photographed by: Sundesh Kumar
Creative Director: Kunal Dembla
Location: Andaz Delhi

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