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TG Explains: Rolls-Royce Ghost Planar Suspension | Simply Sophisticated


Let's get straight to the questions first - What's unique about Rolls Royce Ghosts' suspension setup? How different is it from the conventional suspensions, and how does the Planar Suspension setup impact real-world driving? Our editor, Ramesh Somani, recently traded his time to fit in the bills of billionaires in one of the most prosperous cities in the world-Dubai. Of course, he was blown away by the luxury and performance experience; but what caught his attention was the comfort on offer. To know more about the Rolls-Royce Ghost, read the exclusive review coming up soon . But to know the primary factor behind Ghosts' comfort capabilities, keep reading.


We need to revise basic physics before we understand the impact of the Rolls-Royce developed Planar suspension system—mass vs weight. Mass is a measurement of how much matter an entity/object possesses, whereas weight is actually a measurement of the gravitational force on an object. Mass is an intrinsic property of the object and remains the same. Weight, on the other hand, varies respectively to the gravitational force. What Rolls Royce did is simple - they added mass by incorporating a damper unit into the pre-existing upper wishbone of the suspension. The claw-type unit ( purple colour ) and the bump-stoppers (yellow colour ) mounted on the upper wishbone unit act as an absorbent to the high-frequency vibrations. Well, adding a mass to deal with small bumps becomes crucial because air shocks do not soak small bumps and undulations effortlessly, and they do tend to send high-frequency through the wheels, tires and suspension components. Air suspension does a phenomenal job of scanning the roads ahead and dealing with big potholes and breakers. However it is the small undulations that need to be well taken care of.  

The added mass of the damper unit, combined with the rubber bump stops, impacts the degree of resistance it exerts to the force. Thus, it completely removes any high-frequency vibrations caused by small imperfections; that would usually be sent through the upper wishbone.


The innovation with the Planar Suspension system seems simple, and most of the time, the smallest of innovations make an impactful difference. Billionaires do not tend to compromise on anything,so the same should apply to their priced possessions as well, no?? Especially when Rolls Royce is involved , one expects top-notch comfort and ride quality .The Ghost is the first Rolls-Royce to adopt the technology of the Planar Suspension System. Bonus tech note- Rolls Royce Ghost gets a Satellite Aided Transmission, which draws GPS data to pre-select the optimum gear for upcoming corners. The Planar system allows the car to anticipate and react to even the most demanding road surface. The technological advancement in the Ghost is a case study in itself, and thus I have no hesitation in calling it the technological marvel on the road. 

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