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What’s Mahindra’s INGLO EV Architecture? What Makes It Unique, And What Are Its Capabilities?

INGLO, or Indian Global, is Mahindra’s all-new modular electric skateboard platform that underpins all its future e-SUVs. It is a purpose-built optimized EV-only platform that enables modulation and flexibility of design and manufacturing parameters. The INGLO EV architecture features a floor bed of LFP battery pack. The LFP stands for lithium Iron phosphate, which has an energy density of 142Wh/kg. Mahindra is also working on Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt oxide battery cell chemistry. Moreover, the INGLO platform supports different wheelbase, dimensions and powertrain options. Mahindra can produce vehicles on the same platform of multiple sizes and shapes with a wheelbase and length tolerance of 13mm and 420mm, respectively. For more clarity, here is an example-Mahindra BE.05 measures L x W x H of 4370 mm 1900mm x 1635 mm, whereas Mahindra XUV.e9 gets the L x W x H of 4790mm x 1905mm x 1690 mm.And both these SUVs are built on the same INGLO platform, yet they get different powertrain, dimensions and battery pack options. Mahindra establishes the INGLO platform as an intelligent neural network of multi-sensory experiences and platform capabilities, wherein it enables the ultimate human-machine interface. The INGLO platform is built in collaboration with the VW group to supply MEB electric components.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Battery

Mahindra’s upcoming e-SUVs will get an advanced LFP chemistry cell battery pack. The SUVs will have a standard battery pack design with lean modules and standardized cell-to-pack technology using two different cell architectures – Blade and Prismatic. The battery capacity will range between 60-80kWh.The battery capacity of 80kWh will give a WLTP range of around 435-450km. The battery pack can charge from 0-80 per cent in just 30 minutes using a 175kW DC fast charger. Mahindra claims the intelligent and efficient battery management system would achieve a high number of charge-discharge cycles coupled with a long lifespan, indirectly reducing electronic waste significantly.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Motors and Performance

The SUVs built on the INGLO platform will have high-efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. The platform provides the flexibility of AWD and RWD options. The peak torque in the rear powertrain option would vary from 350-550Nm, whereas the peak power would range from 228hp to 280hp. The peak torque in the front powertrain option is 135Nm, and the peak power of 108hp. The SUV in its AWD option will be capable of going 0-100kmph in just 5-6 seconds.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Vehicle Dynamics

The SUVs built on the INGLO platform will get a semi-active suspension system. The semi-active suspension varies its shock-absorbing firmness according to dynamic road conditions. The semi-active suspension provides comfortable and controlled driving dynamics and amplifies handling characteristics. It also features the dual-pinion high-power steering system, which is expected to make manoeuvring relatively light and easy. The SUVs will provide brake-by-wire technology wholly decoupled from the hydraulic system, allowing multiple brake modes for pedal feel and recuperation.SUVs will also feature different drive modes governing powertrain response, suspension response, brake feel, electronic stability control intervention and many more features.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Range

Well, with the 60-80kWh battery pack, the SUVs will be capable enough of extracting a real-world range of around 350 kilometers. Moreover, Mahindra has thoughtfully designed SUVs on this platform with enhanced aerodynamics. The SUV will feature a reduced rolling resistance with 5.5 RRC tires and sophisticated zero-drag wheel bearings. Mahindra e-SUVs will be capable of providing a high-efficiency cooling & HVAC system with minimal voltage consumption to aid the overall efficiency.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Safety

The advent of connected technology and the rising awareness of safety standards has created a more robust and safer ecosystem for upcoming vehicles, and the Mahindra e-SUVs built on the INGLO platform would be no different. All the e-SUVs will have a structural cage around the passenger cabin to reduce passenger injury. The battery protection would be ensured by ultra-high-strength boron steel. These new e-SUVs are to be tested at the world’s largest battery development and testing centre. Mahindra claims with 5 Radars-1 Vision ADAS architecture, INGLO is futureproofed up to L2+ autonomy. Mahindra also promised to meet the highest safety standards with GNCAP affirmation.

Mahindra INGLO EV Platform: Features

ust like the case with new-age electric vehicles, the space and interior design is quite enhanced and intuitive. The e-SUVs will feature a slim cockpit and a flat floor to create generous and flexible interiors, giving control of seat configurability and space versatility such as frunk and trunk storage. Just like the Kia EV6, the upcoming Mahindra e-SUVs will feature Vehicle To Load (V2L) functionality, wherein the car can be turned into a portable power bank, allowing you to charge your phone or any household appliance.

The e-SUVs built on an INGLO platform will come embedded with the 5G network capability and Over-The-Air updates. Mahindra also promised to provide three high-performance computers and the latest hardware and software to carry out 200K DMIPS computing power via a Dual Octa-core processor.

Well, all these showcased e-SUVs are in their concept stage, and various changes would be made to make them road-capable. Moreover, Mahindra & Mahindra formally inaugurated its new design centre-Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE), in U.K, which will serve as the conceptual hotbed for the company’s portfolio of EV products. Such heavy investments in R&D would amplify Mahindra’s EV growth with its  modular INGLO platform.






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