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Hyundai Alcazar - Your long drive Companion!

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For anyone swamped with work or without any job for that matter, a nice vacation is always on top of their mind. A break can mean various things; it can be an international trip to a staycation within the city. But the best kind of vacation always involves a nice long road trip with your close mates cranking some tuned and munching away the kilometres. What better way to enjoy the essence of a road trip than to travel with the Hyundai Alcazar, whether a group of five or any occasional friend jumps in.
Hyundai Alcazar can take six adults comfortably without a wrinkle on anyone’s shirt, and there is a seven-seater on offer as well. The first criteria that one has while planning for a road trip is the space to load their luggage and seat their mates comfortably in the vehicle. This is where the Hyundai Alcazar outshines by offering seven seats that transport the passengers in great comfort. But not only that, your passengers can enjoy the 26.03 cm (10.25”) HD touchscreen for the passengers and the driver along with top-class safety that’s headlined by a camera-aided blind view monitor and an integrated auto healthy air purifier with AQI display. There are trinkets for all three rows, and exclusive features like the voice-enabled smart panoramic sunroof, two wireless chargers and retractable trays make it very newage. It is way ahead of its time, and that’s a trait you’d want to stay in because the desire to travel — to explore, to discover — can’t simply be cured by a short vacation.
On most occasions, it is the mates that enjoy the road trip while the one driving simply keeps their eyes focused on the road and drives. But with the Hyundai Alcazar offering an efficient 1.5-litre diesel CRDi engine and a powerful 2.0-litre petrol MPi engine, the driver can enjoy the long highway cruise and also admire the smoothness the Hyundai Alcazar offers. Additionally, it provides plenty of grips to tackle the off roads – with its terrain response system; you can easily switch between mud and sand modes to further advance the distance. After all, it’s the roads less travelled that yield the best of experiences. Without travel hence, humanity’s essential dynamism will suffocate, which is why you take those trips and create lifelong memories. Travel, then, is the very essence of life. The all-new Hyundai Alcazar lets you be places, it enables you to reconnect with yourself and lets your friends and family do it too, all in style and comfort.
It’s an enabler in the most accurate form, and that’s what makes it worthy of being a trusted companion. One feature which stands out and becomes like a third eye for the driver is the blind view monitor. Blind view monitor essentially uses cameras mounted at the sides of the car to check surroundings when changing lanes. The moment you snap the turn indicator, and it’s engaged, the camera on that side displays the feed into the infotainment screen, allowing drivers to have a clear view of their surroundings. With the destination approaching, what truly makes a road trip commendable is when you and your mates step out from the vehicle and ache to keep travelling further. That is where the Hyundai Alcazar comes into the equation by being the companion one requires to be out on the open road and enjoy a truly blown vacation. The Hyundai Alcazar perfectly elaborates the phrase ‘The Journey is far more important than the destination. It doesn’t only make you strive to head out to the open roads but also cocoons you tremendous comfort doing so, making you cherish the journey a lot more than you would enjoy your destination. https://www.topgearmag.in/hyundai-alcazar-first-drive-review-king-of-spades-bbc-topgear-mag-india/
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