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Road Trip Pondicherry | Volkswagen Taigun

Road trips are always a fun experience, making the experience even more memorable when you’re behind the wheel of a rather fun machine. Amongst all the fun vehicles out there, I had one such with me: the Volkswagen Taigun. This wasn’t your average Taigun but one powered by a 1.5-litre motor that churned out as much as 148 bhp of power. I had a lovely road trip planned to the little French town of Pondicherry. It was a French colonial settlement for the longest time until 1954 and is now a union territory. It still showcases the beautiful French aesthetic and architecture at the city’s heart and is known for its beautiful beaches and pretty-looking cafes. My journey began in Chennai, and I had about 160 kms before I reached my destination. 
The road was a lovely coastal road with the sea on display for most of the journey. It was set to be one scenic road trip. The Taigun is a comfortable mid-size SUV known for its handling prowess and punchy engine. On the road to Pondicherry, I put the pedal to the metal plenty of times and enjoyed the sweet 4-pot symphony echo into the cabin as I watched the needle bounce off the redline. The road to Pondicherry is well-paved, and the ride on the Taigun was sublime. Every now and then, I’d stop driving like an enthusiast, switch to cruise control and enjoy the benefits of Volkswagen’s cylinder deactivation technology. I managed to squeeze out as much as 15 km/l, which is commendable for a motor of this capacity. 
After driving for nearly 4 hours, I was finally at Pondicherry, where parking is a huge problem. Thanks to the narrow dimensions of the Taigun, parking wasn’t nearly as challenging as parking most SUVs can be. The Taigun is a relatively easy car to live with and makes for a rather fun package. While exploring the French town, my only gripe with the Taigun was the clutch that felt too eager to get off the line. Once you get used to that, the Taigun is a hoot and quite a comfortable car to munch miles on. All in all, visiting Pondicherry for anyone who is around Tamil Nadu is something I’d recommend, and the roads would be even more fun if you bring an appropriate machine along.
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