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2024 BMW R1300 GS Unveiled

The BMW GS series has been a staple in the adventure motorcycling world since introducing the R 80 GS in 1980. However, the R 1100 GS in the early 1990s set the stage for the modern adventure motorcycle with its innovative Telelever front suspension and adaptable riding characteristics. The R 1300 GS builds upon this rich heritage, incorporating cutting-edge technology and design elements to push the boundaries of what an adventure motorcycle can achieve. With some changes, the R 1300 GS carries forward the distinctive and rugged GS design language that BMW enthusiasts have come to love. The overall design is now slimmer than before, and the R 1300 GS now dawns a new LED headlamp that integrates its high and low beams into a single projector. 
The overall design is familiar yet conveys the evolution of the GS. The new R 1300 GS is now 11 kg lighter than the previous version and features a revised riding triangle for the rider that has been optimized for a sporty yet relaxed riding position. The legendary 43-year-old boxer is also now lighter and makes more power than before. It makes a claimed 145 bhp of power and about 150 Nm of torque. Featuring a slight increase in the bore and decrease in the stroke allows it to make slightly more power than the 1,250cc boxer did previously.
Housing this motor is the new steel frame and aluminium subframe that increase the chassis stiffness, aiming to increase overall riding precision and stability. BMW continues to use the Telelever front suspension and now matches it with a rear EVO paralever suspension. They aim to offer greater rigidity and ride stability while increasing overall suspension travel. Also, you can now have an optional DSA system (Dynamic Suspension Adjustment), the next-generation electronic suspension for BMW. With this system, the suspension based on the riding mode will adjust the front and rear damping along with the spring rate to offer higher ride safety, comfort and performance. 
This system also allows you to adjust the ride height on the go, making this more accessible for riders with different heights. You can even opt for the optional sport suspension, which promises even more travel (about 0.8 inches), and the suspension has been specially tuned for offroad riding. Regarding electronics, the R 1300 GS now features radar technology with active cruise control, front collision, and lane change warning. All these features, the reduced weight and increased performance sound promising on paper, and we cannot wait to get our hands on this motorcycle for a more detailed look at this flagship adventure bike.   
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