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2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class | New Interiors revealed with Superscreen

The Mercedes E-Class of 2024 is bidding farewell to its interiors as the automaker formally debuted its brand-new interior.

Later this year, the remodeled sedan will mark a significant shift when it hits dealership lots since the vehicle has been developed to give an "immersive entertainment experience" with streaming material, music, and games.


There is a lot to discuss, but the E-Class will come with an optional MBUX Superscreen that is modeled after the enormous MBUX Hyperscreen. No information was provided by Mercedes, although it has a big infotainment system and a display for the front passenger.

A freestanding digital instrument cluster that has Classic and Sporty screens connects them. Although the Sporty display employs a red color scheme and also places the tachometer in the foreground, the Classic display displays a speedometer and tachometer that resemble dials.

Speaking of displays, third-party applications may be downloaded directly rather than being reflected by Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Mercedes is introducing an App Store with a "gradually growing array of apps" in order to make use of this capacity.

There will be a variety of apps available at launch, including Angry Birds, TikTok, Zoom, and Webex. The MBUX Superscreen comes with a new selfie and video camera that is located on top of the dashboard and can be utilized with a few of them. When the car is in park, owners may use the camera to shoot pictures and movies.

In addition to the aforementioned programmes, owners will also discover the ZYNC entertainment portal and the Vivaldi web browser. It offers "on-demand material, interactive experiences, local video programmes, sports, news, and much more," according to Mercedes. The business did add that "more than 30 streaming services from well-known global, regional, and local partners are now accessible, while additional partners and channels are continuously being integrated," which is a bit ambiguous.


The E-Class incorporates a "visual shield" that employs a camera and a "advanced filtering approach to guarantee the material on the screen is not visible to the driver" to keep the driver from being distracted by the front passenger display. In essence, the technology watches the driver's eye movements to see whether they are spending too much time staring at the passenger screen. In this case, the passenger's screen's brightness is decreased, allowing them to keep watching material while the driver is unable to see it. The safety advantages can, however, be defeated because the shield can be turned on and off.

Although this is undesirable, the E-Class is embracing routines and looking towards an artificial intelligence-based future. The automobile will include templates and independently developed routines when it launches, enabling owners to instruct the vehicle to "do x if y happens." For instance, if the outside temperature reaches a specific threshold, a Cold Days option may activate the heated seats and switch the ambient lighting to a "warm" orange hue.

The business aspires to entirely automate repetitive work in the future using AI. The heating, ventilation, and massage features will be the main focus at first, but Mercedes stated that "additional interior systems are to be sequentially incorporated." That would be very frightening if it tried to convince you to divorce your wife by echoing Bing AI and giving you a massage on top of it.


Leaving the displays aside, the E-Class will have a 17 speaker Burmester 4D surround sound system and an active ambient lighting system that will let owners "enjoy music with three senses." Speaking of active light strips, there are several that react to audio from applications, movies, and music. Fast sequences, for instance, might result in abrupt shifts in the lighting, but "flowing rhythms can produce slowly merging lighting moods."

The LED strip may be utilized to communicate safety information, as Mercedes observed, so it's not just for show. The parking assist system's data is visualized, and it may issue visual alerts to guarantee "additional safety when navigating junctions with cross traffic."

The Energizing Comfort and Energizing Coach features, together with 5G technology for quick data transfers, round out the technological elements.


Mercedes made few comments regarding the remaining interior features, although we can see redesigned steering wheels and a straightforward central console. Also, buyers will discover "various interior color choices" ranging from "elegant, cinnamon-colored Tonka Brown and the cool and technical-looking gray" to "light beige coupled with Space Grey, featuring a fine pearl appearance."

The business went on to state that the E-Class would include new Dark Ash open-pore wood trim that is illuminated as well as Nappa leather seats with diamond quilting. If none of those appeal to you, there will also be trim made of silver-colored mixed metal and the Manufaktur Piano Lacquer Flowing Lines trim from the S-Class.

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