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2025 Porsche 718 Boxter EV spied

The Porsche 718 Boxster EV has recently shied away from cameras, even though summer is a drop-top season. But things are different because a prototype was seen driving with the top down.

The prototype sports a redesigned hood with sharp lines and an angular front end with headlamps that are reminiscent of the Taycan. It appears to be an edgy progression of the present vehicle. Large intakes with horizontal bars and what appear to be vertical shutters are located farther down.

Further back, we can observe streamlined bodywork with a slightly curved appearance, demonstrating how the evolutionary design has continued. However, the rear quarter panels are covered, which indicates that the side intakes will be removed as they are no longer required. However, the sculpting on the doors that channelled air into the intakes is no longer there, so that remains to be seen.

Out back, there isn't much to see, although there are thinner taillights and an unreliable sticker that pretends to be the exhaust pipes. A centre-mounted charging port and a heavily camouflaged bumper connect them.

The dashboard is cloth-covered, so not much of the interior is visible with the top down. Although that's sad, we can see the steering wheel and what appears to be a digital instrument panel.

The Vision 357 Speedster and GT4 e-Performance prototypes may offer suggestions as to what to anticipate, even if the manufacturer hasn't disclosed much about the vehicle. There should be rear- and all-wheel drive models with performance that should be marginally better than the current model, but presumably without significantly infringing on the 911. Specifications are scant at present.


Images courtesy : Carscoops

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