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All-New AEHRA electric SUV

AEHRA is a new, global ultra-premium electric automotive company which has recently showcased its concept. The AEHRA SUV offers class-leading occupant space and raises the bar for comfort, technology, materials, and usefulness thanks to its excellent three-meter long wheelbase.

The innovative approach taken by AEHRA to realize the full potential that an EV platform offers has not only produced a cutting-edge outward design but also a ground-breaking interior idea. Due to the car's unusually short overhangs, long wheelbase, and entirely flat floor, AEHRA's designers were able to develop a novel solution that dramatically changes the interior ambience for both drivers and passengers.

The unusual full-dashboard-width HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen, which offers a true step-change in entertainment and in-vehicle working, is one of the most inventive and compelling features of the AEHRA SUV's cabin.

The screen sits lower when the SUV is in drive mode so that it can show the driver all the information they need, including speed, range, heating and ventilation settings, and navigational instructions. By relaying high-definition images from two front outside side cameras, the two outer sections of the screen act as fictitious exterior mirrors. The screen may be extended upward while the car is parked, instantly converting the AEHRA into a home theater or office space.

This is a direct result of AEHRA's game-changing approach to the original model's exterior shape. The front row passengers cannot use such a flexible and large HMI screen in conventional car layouts since it would be too close to their eyes. This technology, for which AEHRA has applied for a patent, is expected to raise the bar for both productivity and enjoyment in cars.

The hand-stitched leather dashboard's center is mounted with a second, smaller touchscreen that is rectangular in shape. It allows both front-seat occupants to easily handle a variety of car features, including navigation, heating, ventilation, and entertainment. It is situated between the driver and the passenger.

The SUV has a distinctive, oblong-shaped steering wheel that resembles a yoke and is imprinted with the AEHRA emblem. The fact that AEHRA is Italy's first and only pure-play EV brand is also indicated by a proudly displayed symbol bearing the Italian flag. The driver can access additional important information through a tiny digital strip that is put into the top portion of the steering wheel.

The yoke steering wheel honors the love of the aeronautical industry shared by AEHRA Co-Founder and CEO Hazim Nada in addition to conjuring a race car-like atmosphere. Sandro Andreotti, the COO of AEHRA, and Nada are both enthusiastic pilots and skydivers. The two developed Aero Gravity, Europe's largest indoor vertical wind tunnel, in Milan before starting AEHRA.

“A lot of what we have learnt from the aeronautic industry has shaped the AEHRA SUV’s body styling and its class-leading aerodynamic efficiency, and that influence very much extends inside the cabin too,” explains Nada. “The exterior monobody architecture enables us to create a unique dashboard that positions the HMI screen in such a way that a traditional layout does not allow. The result is a real workstation or lounge experience for the front row passengers, with a similar setup to that which people have become accustomed to working with at the office or enjoying at home.”

The AEHRA's first-rate front and back seats serve as an example of this strategy. The SUV's seats are aesthetically similar to custom pieces found in supercars and offer exceptional support for drivers who want to take full use of the SUV's prodigious performance and ultra-agile handling. However, the aeronautical sector also served as a major source of inspiration for the seats' low-weight, high-strength design, and ideal comfort levels.

The seats are made of recyclable carbon fiber composite, aluminum, and leather, and they offer a level of comfort that is often reserved for people flying in first-class cabins. Those who are seated in the back of the cabin can see this even more clearly. There, thanks to the incredibly roomy legroom, travelers may recline their seats and, if they choose to, sleep during the trip thanks to the AEHRA SUV's serene ride and incredibly low noise levels.

The Italian-American business has largely funded itself thus far and is wrapping up its first round of outside investors. The company presented its classy SUV in October 2022, and in April 2023 it will introduce a smart sedan. Beginning deliveries are anticipated until late 2025. For important markets like North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States, a strategic model roll out is envisaged.

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