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Aston Martin to replace the DB11 on May 24th

The successor to the DB11 has been teased in a series of photos, and Aston Martin has announced that the debut date is May 24.

The DB11 was initially shown at the Geneva Auto Show in early 2016, which may not seem like a long time ago, but it has been more than 7 years. That does, however, imply that it will live a shorter life than the DB9, which had a lifespan of 14 years.

Many details regarding the new model are still unknown, but these images indicate that it won't look much that different from the DB11 and will apparently be called the DB12. We can observe that the Grand Tourer's profile hasn't changed much, and the front and rear shapes are likewise well-known. New headlights instantly attract the eye, but even these lights take on a DB11-like design.

Although the new DB12's appearance will look similar, its inside is expected to alter greatly. Aston Martin teased a whole new dashboard and centre console design in one of the photos. The new model includes a redesigned infotainment system and display that are more cleanly integrated into the design, in contrast to the DB11's entertainment system, which was licenced from Mercedes-Benz and looked very ugly when mounted on the top of the dash. A number of additional switches and knobs are also visible.

It is probable that the twin-turbocharged V8 and twin-turbocharged V12 engines will still be available for the next Aston Martin GT model, both of which will probably gain slight horsepower and torque improvements over the DB11.

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