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BAC Mono R

Through a collaboration with the company Hypetex, which specializes in lightweight materials, BAC has developed a special version of the powerful Mono R finished with exposed carbon fiber.

Although regular carbon fiber is already pretty nice, BAC chose to combine Hypetex's titanium carbon fiber twill with a crystalline lacquer to give the weave a dazzling silver shine and make it seem even more unique. The Mono R's upper bodywork is covered with titanium carbon fiber, while the lower panels feature a more conventional gloss carbon fiber finish.

On the outside, there are several embellishments in brilliant yellow. Hypetex's carbon fiber is provided in a wide range of colors and is much lighter than conventional paint jobs. In actuality, the colored carbon fiber finishes offered by the company add just 17 grams per square meter as opposed to the typically added 138 grams by paint.

Through the BAC Bespoke program, the person who bought this BAC Mono R customized it.

Hypetex CEO Marc Cohen said, "I'm proud that Hypetex was a part of this project to create one of the world's lightest and fastest production supercars." "Our colored carbon fiber is the ideal complement to the BAC-Mono R's svelte design and raw power."

A 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that was co-created with Mountune powers the BAC Mono R. The single-seater, which weighs only 1,224 lbs (555 kg), can reach a peak speed of 170 mph (274 km/h) with the help of its 343 horsepower engine in as little as 2.5 seconds. The Mono R is only being made in 30 units.

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