News/ Industry/ Bad News | Yamaha To Discontinue R1 | No Development For Euro5+ Regulations

Bad News | Yamaha To Discontinue R1 | No Development For Euro5+ Regulations

Yamaha has been slacking a bit in coping with the recent developments. In the Indin market, they have brought the Yamaha enthusiasts' favourites - R3 and MT03. To read more about them, click here. However, the pricing and competitors' aggressive moves in this category wounded the propositions for R3. Enthusiasts were disappointed by yet another subpar news. The news states - Yamaha YZF R1 and R1M are likely to discontinue.  
In the wake of the new Euro5+ regulations, which will come into effect in 2025, there is a solid threat to R1s' revival. So, there are some rumours going around in the UK that the Japanese brand is planning to stop making litre-class motorcycles and instead focus on mid-term business and product strategies. Apparently, they want to create more opportunities for themselves in the future. It's a bit unexpected and disheartening for enthusiasts, but it is what it is. However, R1 might be available for track use only. 
In recent years, the popularity of superbikes has been dwindling as riders are increasingly drawn towards motorcycles that offer greater versatility and practicality. Adventure bikes and scramblers have emerged as the preferred choices, providing riders with a balance of performance, comfort, and style that traditional superbikes fail to offer. While superbikes are undoubtedly blazingly fast, they tend to be overly focused on speed and performance, making them less usable and less appealing to a growing number of riders.
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