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Bajaj CNG Bike to Come Within 2024

In a surprising and elating turn of events, Rajiv Bajaj, the MD of Bajaj Auto, revealed they plan to launch a CNG motorcycle by the next quarter. While they initially planned to launch it in 2025, the results of their tests were so encouraging that they preponed the launch. Find what he told about it below:

Double Advantage

Bajaj claimed that compared to a petrol-based motorcycle, the CNG motorcycle produced 50% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), 75% less CO (Carbon Monoxide) and 90% less on non-methane hydrocarbons. They aim to double mileage or to halve the fuel cost for the “aam aadmi” like Hero Honda did 40 years ago. This might lead to a significant reduction in the cost of running a motorcycle.

Long Way to go 

Bajaj suggested the users not build high hopes as this will be the only CNG motorcycle launch of the year. They plan to start by making their basics right. He claimed it would be easy to expand from there and compared the situation to electric vehicles. He said various steps involved, like getting the technology, the dealer piece, the service right, and the service quality right. He added that irrespective of the anticipation, there is always some surprise from a consumer experience point of view. 

How can it impact users?

The CNG bikes might find a buyer base in the budget bikes market. Considering the lower price of CNG and its higher efficiency, this bike could eat into the market of the market leader, Splendor. Will the reliability of the technology and the lack of CNG pump infrastructure create challenges for its sales? The long queues at CNG pumps might also be off-putting to some buyers. Would you ditch a petrol-powered Motorcycle for a CNG one?

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