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Bajaj's CNG Bike Faces Delayed Launch

Bajaj Auto has disruption in mind. After winning the hearts of potential motorcycling enthusiasts by launching the Pulsar NS400Z at quite a tempting voice, Bajaj Auto is now gearing up to revolutionize the commuter segment. During the launch of the biggest Pulsar yet, Bajaj Auto’s bossman Mr. Rajiv Bajaj took the opportunity to reveal to the world that a CNG bike from Bajaj Auto is on its way. He also went on to declare a date for its global unveil - 18th June.

While we were preparing our minds to be blown by a commuter motorcycle, a recent update reveals that the launch date of the CNG bike has now been pushed by a month. 17th July 2024 is now the new date for its launch.

It is worth noting here that CNG-driven cars might be prominent but the world hadn’t heard of a CNG-powered motorcycle until Bajaj dropped the nuke. Upon launch, Bajaj’s CNG bike which is being called Bruzer for now, will become the world’s first series production motorcycle to feature a dual-fuel setup as it will also be able to sustain itself purely on petrol as well. The combination of CNG and petrol is expected to post some generous fuel economy figures, with the low of CNG also providing relief to the commuters out there.

Leaked designs suggest the sorcery that has gone into making this motorcycle a reality. It is being assumed that Bajaj has placed the CNG tank along the length of the bike, thus keeping its dimensions and road presence in check. Although exact specifications are yet to be revealed, word on the streets is that it could displace around 125cc.

The Bruzer has also been spied multiple times, possibly hinting at two variants which will be on offer. One will have a more neutral design out of the two, inoffensive if you will, to cater to the urban areas. For people residing in rural areas, there will also be a rugged version on offer.

What remains to be seen is how the current CNG infrastructure of India fares with the Bruzer because there’s one thing for sure - it is going to sell in good numbers. Even in its current situation, almost all the CNG pumps have a long queue outside them. Interesting times lie ahead folks. Not to forget, frugal as well!

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