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BBC TopGear Magzine India Awards 2023 | Celebrating The Best Of Automobiles

The past year has been one of the most fruitful and eventful years for the automobile industry, with positive sales growth and pent-up demands. Auto brands have dealt with setbacks with utter perseverance, showing up the resilience of the industry. From innovations to safety, from electrifications to hybrids and CNGs, from SUVs to sedans, from sustainability to practicality - every aspect has seen momentous attention. To celebrate the spirit of the industry, we encourage and recognise the best of the best from the world of automobiles. For our third edition of the BBC TopGear Magzine Awards, 80 per cent weightage has been given to you readers, and the remaining 20 per was allocated to our editorial jury. Here are all the victories that strived and stood among the best to win the crown.  


Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 130cc

India is a very price-sensitive and value-driven market, especially for the two-wheelers. This segment is not just bread and butter for the brand but also for the masses. People look for no-nonsense, purpose-built and affordability in this segment, wherein the mass's favourite - Bajaj Auto, has scored valuable appreciation for the CT125X. 


Two-Wheeler of the Year up To 160cc

The segment caters to the masses who look for a bit more performance and appeal from their motorcycles. And once again, mass-market manufacturer- Bajaj outshined the competition with Pulsar N160. 



Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 250cc 

The performance and practicality of this segment have been taking significant growth in the past few years, and who prefers to avoid adding flavour to their commute with the adventure flexibility of going on challenging roads? Suzuki's first blockbuster foray into the quarter-litre segment has a lot of merits in its stride to take the award crowd in its segment. 


Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 400cc

This is one of the hottest growing segments in the two-wheeler space, with more and more manufacturers entering to cater for the demand. However, Kawasaki outshined everyone with Ninja 400 with its unique proposition. 


Roadster of the Year up to 250cc

This segment is taking quite an attention with its unique proposition and offerings. TVS Ronin was awarded in this segment for its smooth powertrain, punchy engine and design language to lure modern buyers. 


Premium Motorcycle of the Year

The poster bike for motorcycle devotees earns respect for its ultimate of everything it offers. BMW S1000 RR, in that regard, scored the hearts and heads of the voters and jurors to win the TopGear Premium Motorcycle of the Year. 

Roadster of the Year up to 400cc

As we mentioned, the Roadster segment is attracting attention among motorcyclists. The all-new ground-up built Royal Enfield Hunter takes the crown for this category. 


Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 700cc

The middleweight segment is one of the most aspirational for motorcycle enthusiasts. Kawasaki Ninja 650 takes the award in this category for its all-round capabilities and versatility.


Two-wheeler of the Year up to 1000cc

This is the segment for the true breed of motorcycling enthusiasts. Suzuki Katana taking the crown is a testimony of the brand's efforts to revive the legacy name with outright performance and distinctive neo-retro design. 


Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 1500cc

Ducati Streetfighter V4 has everything in its merit to be crowned as the Two-Wheeler of the Year up to 1500cc. The ultimate poster segment for the masses and dream motorcycle for the classes can not get any better than Ducati Streetfighter V4 .


Premium Cruiser of the Year

The niche category in the world of motorcycling, wherein one aspires to rule the open road with command and comfort.  Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse took the honour of the Premium Cruiser of the Year.  


ADV up to 650cc

This segment is also taking rapid growth among adventure enthusiasts as the bike's nature opens up many opportunities to explore unknown terrains. The ADV that has really impressed our readers and us is the Triumph Tiger Sport 660.


ADV up to 1000cc

This is a segment for PROs who have mastered the art of motorcycling. BBC TopGear Magzine India honoured BMW F 850 GSA as the ADV up to 1000cc for its versatile character and performance.


Electric Motorcycle of the Year

The fun quotient of motorcycling has been redefined with an electrifying performance. The new-age startup brand - Ultraviolette has taken the motorcycling space seriously and intends to rule the space with F77 Recon. The product has been encouraged and honoured with the Electric Motorcycle of the Year


Hatchback of the Year  

Entry-level hatchbacks are the gateway for the masses to upgrade from two-wheels to four-wheels. Citroen- a relatively new french brand, is taking ambitious steps to take a pie in the Indian auto space. Citroen C3 took the winning strike with its distinctive design, performance and practicality.


Sedan of the Year

Thankfully, in the midst of SUVs, Manufacturers reviving taking the sedan space is an excellent sign of relief for enthusiasts. And no better model can take the crown of enthusiasts' favourites than the Volkswagen Virtus.


Electric Car of the Year (Sub 40 lakhs)

Well, this segment has undoubtedly taken centre stage in the automobile industry for the past few years and going by the trend, it has the potential to grow further and percolate even deeper. And the manufacturer that has taken early steps forward in that direction is our homegrown Tata Motors. Nexon EV Max has been awarded this crown for its exception value-for-money proposition. 


Premium SUV of the Year (Sub 40 lakhs)

The Premium SUV always has excellent versatility and has been aspirational for most SUV buyers. Well, Jeep Meridian provides charming SUV characters with premium features and appeal, thus making it a TopGear Magzine India's Premium SUV of the Year(Sub 40 lakhs)


SUV of the Year (Sub 30 lakhs)

This is one of the hottest segments in India, wherein manufacturers are taking their chances to grab a potential pie of the Indian Market with its unique offerings and proposition. The Indian brand - Mahindra and Mahindra has been awarded for the all-new Scorpio-N. 


Premium Mid-Size SUV of the Year

This segment is often looked up to as a worthy aspirational upgrade for a lot of consumers, wherein the buyers prefer premium badge-tag along with features and practicality. Volvo XC40 Mild Hybrid takes the BBC TopGear Magzine India Award for the Premium Mid-Size SUV of the Year. 


Luxury Mid-Size SUV of the Year

Lexus redefines luxury in its segment with the NX350h, making it the perfect fit for the BBC TopGear Magzine Indias' Luxury Mid-Size SUV of the Year.


Automobile Person of the Year

BBC TopGear Automobile Person of the Year goes to Mr Santosh Iyer- the new MD and CEO of Mercedes Benz India. Mr Iyer is the first Indian to shoulder the responsibilities of an iconic German luxury brand in India. He exemplifies how sheer determination and proficiency do wonders for the career. 

Luxury Sedan of the Year

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the pinnacle of luxury, holds the crown of the BBC TopGear Indias' Luxury Sedan of the Year. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class aces luxury like no other, making it the undisputed king of the segment. 


Editors Choice Family Car of the Year

Editors Choice Family Car of the Year has to be the one that makes the family feel special, and the Skoda Slavia, in that regard, does all things exemplary to be honoured and celebrated. 


Luxury SUV of the Year

The Indian market saw a plethora of luxury SUVs last year. However, Jeep Grand Cherokee took the ultimate crown among its competition for the BBC TopGear India luxury SUV of the Year. 


Performance SUV of the Year

Well, this is the segment wherein the heated debate will no longer be settled. But our readers have eased out our task to some extent and honoured Porsche Macan GTS with Performance SUV of the Year. 


Premium Electric SUV of the Year

Electric cars are redefining the future of mobility to a great extent. The mass-market brand taking ambitious steps to electrify Indian roads has to be undoubtedly the Hyundai Ioniq 5, bagging the BBC TopGear Indias' Premium Electric SUV of the Year. 


Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year

This is the segment for enthusiasts who demands more from a car apart from just commuting, and the car that caught everyone's fancy attention to get honoured was the Mercedes-AMG E53 4Matic+ Cabriolet. 


Petrolhead Actor of the Year

Dulquer Salmaan - a superstar ! But, first, a true-blood petrolhead, so it only made sense to hand over a token of love and respect to him by awarding 'Petrolhead Actor of the year'.


Editor's Choice Luxury Compact SUV of the Year

Audi Q3 takes the honour of the Editor's Choice Luxury Compact SUV of the Year. The attractive looks and enthusiastic powertrain makes it more appealing and distinctive from its competition. 


Automotive Company of the Year

The automotive company that has transformed the Indian market with unique product offerings and ultimate engineering capabilities could be none other than Mahindra and Mahindra. The Indian auto brand is taking every right steps to distinguish itself and earn the coveted Automotive Company of the Year award. 

Motorcycle of the Year

Well, choosing the outright winner in this segment was a tough nut to crack. Among the numerous bikes launched last year, the one that caught everyone's fancy, including voters and jurors, was the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650- taking the crown of BBC TopGear India's Motorcycle of the Year. 

Car of the Year

At last! The moment you all have been waiting for, the top honour of the BBC TopGear India's award - Car of the Year, was the Hyundai Tucson. The flagship ICE model in Hyundai's portfolio ticks the all-right boxes commanding the position it deserves. 



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