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Bentley's Customized Mulliner Batur GTs

The Bentley Mulliner Batur's customers may now see the distinctive colour, material, and finish choices made for some of the commissioned versions as they anxiously anticipate the start of the first deliveries in mid-2023.

The Batur offers a variety of environmentally friendly alternatives and practises that Bentley will include further into its product selection as it moves closer to a sustainable and all-electric future. Utilising a "super-fiber" composite made of flax as a sustainable replacement for carbon fibre is one noteworthy invention. Bentley emphasises the outstanding properties of this flax-based composite by claiming that it is both lightweight and strong.

Even though it contains certain animal-derived components, the Batur model's cabin employs sustainable practices. However, the business claims that the leather upholstery is obtained ethically, using less water and aldehydes during manufacture. There is an alternate choice of leather-like fabrics made from by-products of the coffee roasting process for anyone with serious concerns about animal welfare. Additionally, since the carpets may be made of recycled yarn, Batur owners still have another chance to demonstrate their dedication to making environmentally friendly decisions.

Of course, a sumptuous grand tourer is about more than just the environment; it's also about pricey, glitzy features. The centrepiece, known as the "Charisma Dial" option, which was 3D printed in 18-karat yellow gold, as well as the gold accents on the "Organ Stop" vent controls and steering wheel marker, are some of the most eye-catching elements. The Batur model also uses additional opulent components, such as titanium with an aerospace theme and a variety of fine wood treatments.

Bentley is displaying a number of completed models for clients who are having trouble deciding between the various Mulliner division alternatives. The business released four of them, showcasing the many facets of the Batur. Let's examine each of them separately:



Wasabi (green) exterior paint and coordinating accessories stand out against the Steel Gloss Black finish of the grille, alloy wheels, and mirror caps. The inside has a custom dashboard that transitions from gloss black to gloss carbon fibre with black and green upholstery.



For this "stellar" version, the Sunbeam (orange) exterior is coupled with Atlantic Pearl Crystal accents. Indigo Night, Beluga, Ceramic Glaze, and Hyperactive are mixed together. The dashboard transitions from gloss black to gloss natural fibre, and the titanium pack accentuates the centre console and air vents with numerous machined features.



This one has a Daybright Blue exterior with a St. James Red grille stripe and brake callipers that match. The 18-karat gold variant is combined with Pillar Box Red piping and stitching in the interior's gloomy design.


Although the manufacturer omitted images of the "Dark Matter" from its promotional materials, a photo of the customising board shows the unusual specification. Fine Brodgar and Black Crystal are used as a duo-tone finish on the exterior, with titanium tailpipes and a dash of Cyber Yellow on the grille. Designers used a Burn Oak hide, gloss graphene, black anodised aluminium accents, and beluga black for the inside.

Bentley said that the specification procedure for 16 of the 18 Baturs that would be produced is already under progress. Despite the high price of £1.65 million ($2.05 million) before taxes and options, you are out of luck if you want to join the club because all of the instances have been sold out.

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