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BluSmart Introduces Charging App, Another New Way To Charge Your EV

You’ve definitely seen their cabs in Delhi. They also operate in Bengaluru. BluSmart is a leading name in electric vehicle (EV) ride-hailing and charging infrastructure, and they are upping offerings at their end. The company recently announced the launch of its 'BluSmart Charge' app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

While we are yet to experience the app first hand, we are told the BluSmart Charge app promises hassle-free charging experience and can help users locate chargers tailored to their specific vehicle types, recommends relevant charging connectors, and provides real-time updates on availability and station status. No more driving around aimlessly searching for an empty charging point.

Big news here is that the app streamlines the process for both fleet operators and individual users. BlueSmart has upuntil now been specifically serving their own fleet  but now, everyone can manage their charging needs through a single platform.

Along with the app launch, BluSmart has also introduced its 50th EV charging hub. Key word here is HUB because the total real estate is massive; these stations boast a sprawling footprint of over 1.8 million square feet and house more than 5,000 fast and slow EV charging stations. 

BluSmart's dedication to sustainability goes beyond just offering EVs. The company sets a strong precedent by being the first mobility player in India to achieve zero tailpipe emissions through its 100% green energy sourcing. The launch of the BluSmart Charge app and the continued expansion of the charging network reflect BluSmart's commitment to accelerating India's transition to electric mobility. 

With a fleet exceeding 7,500 EVs – the largest in South Asia – BluSmart has already made significant contributions to reducing carbon emissions in India. Since its inception in 2019, the company has recorded over 14.9 million emission-free trips, covering 492 million electric kilometers and saving an estimated 35.7 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. Those are immense numbers, and if electric is the way forward, BlueSmart is already leading it. 

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