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BMW Motorrad M 1000 XR & S 1000 XR

BMW Motorrad has unveiled the whole new M 1000 XR and the upgraded S 1000 XR in one fell swoop.

The 2024 BMW S 1000 XR is marketed as an “enhanced version” of their long-distance sports bike, starting with the regular model.

An enhanced four-cylinder engine with 170 horsepower (127 kW / 172 PS) and 84 lb-ft (114 Nm) of torque is the major news. BMW attributed the 5 horsepower (4 kW / 5 PS) boost over its predecessor to improved engine mapping in addition to the "flow-optimized geometry of the intake runners."

The bike has been updated with a new seat for better ergonomics and increased range of motion in addition to the engine. In addition, Keyless Ride, USB charging port, and Headlight Pro are standard features for buyers.

A reworked rear section with "new side panels and air intakes inspired by motorsports" and extra body colour components are among the cosmetic changes. Three other hues are now available to customers: Gravity Blue Metallic and Blackstorm Metallic 2.

Not to mention, the handlebar clamp has been modified, and the battery has been upgraded in capacity. A revised shock absorber added to the vehicle is said to provide a "more sensitive and comfortable ride."

Although the S 1000 XR is improved, there will be a brand-new M model available in 2024. A prototype of the third M bike was shown off earlier this year.

First, the M 1000 XR's engine is a "modified" version of the four-cylinder unit that drives the M RR. Here, it generates 201 horsepower (150 kW / 204 PS) and 83 lb-ft (112 Nm) of torque, which is a somewhat milder output. It has titanium valves and BMW ShiftCam technology and can rev to 14,600 rpm.

BMW said the vehicle can reach 124 mph (200 km/h) in 7.4 seconds, which is 1.3 seconds quicker than the S 1000 XR. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox. Additionally, the bike accelerates from 62 to 87 mph (100 to 140 km/h) in 1.1 seconds.

In terms of performance, the bike has Launch Control, Shift Assistant Pro, and seven driving modes that allow for "quick upshifts and downshifts without clutch activation." Additionally, the bike has Hill Start Control Pro, which greatly improves user-friendliness.

Highlights also include a M brake system with two 12.6-inch (320 mm) discs up front and a suspension with Dynamic Damping Control. Additionally, forged aluminium wheels and lightweight M batteries are available to buyers. M Carbon wheels are an alternative, and they weigh 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) less.

The bike has M winglets, which provide around 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of downforce at 137 mph (220 km/h). It looks the part in terms of style. An M seat and a titanium exhaust with a carbon fibre cover link them. A 6.5-inch monitor and an OBD port for an M GPS data recorder are two more notable features.

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