News/ Industry/ Car Sales Analysis | April 2023 | Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Tata Motors, Skoda Auto, Volkswagen India, Mahindra & Mahindra, MG Motors, Honda Cars India

Car Sales Analysis | April 2023 | Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Tata Motors, Skoda Auto, Volkswagen India, Mahindra & Mahindra, MG Motors, Honda Cars India

The auto industry started the financial year 2023 on a fruitful note, wherein the sales marked a growth of 13%, registering sales of about 3.31 lakh units as against 2.93 lakh units in the corresponding month of last year. However, there is a marginal MoM decline of 1.3 per cent compared to March 2023 because of the phase 2 emission norms. Well, with supply chain constraints easing up and demand increasing, 2023-2024 looks brighter. Before we look up to the upcoming year, here's a quick breakdown of the sales analysis of India's leading auto manufacturers for April 2023.


1) Maruti Suzuki

India's largest car maker managed total domestic sales figures of 1,37,320 units in April 2023, against 1,21,995 units in April 2022 , thus registering 12.6 Y-o-Y growth. M-o-M sales data has also seen around 3.4 per cent growth. Maruti Suzuki has recently launched Fronx, which is expected to amplify sales growth; moreover, fanboys special - Jimny is also about to get launched soon. 


 2) Hyundai Motors

South Korean auto major has reported 12.6 per cent of positive YoY growth with a total of 49,701 units sold as compared with 44,001 units in April 2022. And just like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai also had a slight MoM decline in sales figures by around 2 per cent. Hyundai has recently launched an all-new Verna; head to our Youtube channel to watch the video. We have recently compared Honda City, and Skoda Slavia against Verna, so stay tuned to our social media platform for further updates. 


3)Tata Motors

The Indian homegrown brand has seen quite a turnaround in recent years with its new-age cars. They have reported total sales of 47,010 passenger vehicles, compared with 41590 units sold during April 2022. Tata Motors' highest-selling SUV, Nexon, is about to get a major facelift. Tata is expected to grow multifold with the new-age EVs hitting our shores in 2024 or later in 2025. Long way to go, but still, the future looks bright and shiny for Tata Motors. 


4)Kia Motors

Hyundai's sister brand- Kia Motors, has surpassed sales expectations ever since its launch in the Indian market. The brand managed to sell around 23,216 units, thus registering 22.7 per cent growth compared to 19,019 units sold in April 2022. Moreover, MoM sales also improved by around 8 per cent. Sonet tops the sales chart with over 42 per cent dominance in Kia's sales portfolio. 

5) Skoda and Volkswagen

5-Star, yes, all cars built on VWs latest MQB-IN platform is 5-star safety rated. Well, good news on one side, but bad news on the other side, wherein the sales numbers do not look healthy. Volkswagen has reported a 14.5 per cent sales decline, with a total of 3032 units sold in April 2023 , compared to 3547 units in April 2022. In comparison, Skoda registered 22.2 per cent YoY degrowth with a total of 4009 units sold in April 2023 as compared to 5152 units in April 2022. the launch of the all-new Verna could hamper the sales figure of Skoda Slavia and VW Virtus, but this is something only time will tell. 


6) Mahindra and Mahindra

M&M has encountered tremendous growth, registering 54 per cent of YoY growth with total sales of 34,694 units in April 2023 compared to 22526 units sold in April 2022.


7) MG Motors

MG Motors encountered comparatively best growth in terms of sales growth as the brand managed to sell 4551 units in April 2023, thus registering 126.6 YoY percent growth.


8) Honda India


Honda Cars India registered monthly domestic sales of 5,313 units in April 2023. The export numbers for HCIL stood at 2,363 units for the month. The brand records a 32 per cent decline in domestic sales compared to 7874 units in April 2022. Honda is planning to make a strong comeback in the Indian market with its Creta-rival SUV by mid-2023, which is expected to bring sales momentum. 


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