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Carbonado Modpac 20L Tailbag Review

Hey, Let's go on a bike road trip! Sounds exciting, right? Well, Hell Yes. It's time to get safety riding gears, and luggage sorted. But, there is a big crisis though. You see, there could be a varied variety of riding gears within our budget, but the same can not be said for the luggage.The Kriega US series being expensive, only fits deep pockets. Enter - Carbonado Modpac,the not-so-expensive smart modular tail bag. Well, but are they worthy enough to justify their publicised capabilities? Let's find out.

I thought mounting a tail bag and using it for long-distance touring could be quite a hassle. Courtesy Carbonado, they proved it wrong. The bag comes with adjustable pairs of straps, from which one end is connected to the plastic buckle, and the other is connected to the metal G-hook. Both the adjustable length straps have been made a single long strip, which is placed inside the pillion seat of my Duke 390, whereas the other two were attached to respective sides of the subframe. The strap length attached to the G-hook can be adjusted and tightened accordingly.   

I have used the Modpac 20l for a long-distance ride of around 2600 km, and the experience seemed quite comfortable. Bumpy roads, potholes and even high speeds - the bag sustained everything. However, I only encountered a problem with loose threading, however, I only encountered a problem with loose threading, which wasn't bothersome and was fixed easily.      

There is a provision for detaching the shoulder strap, so if you mount and pack smartly, you can easily access things without dismantling the whole bag from the bike. There are side pockets, as well as rear mesh pocket providing additional storage space. The quality of the stitching, buckles and even the fabric doesn't look and feel sub-standard. Thumbs Up.

Modpac bags are made up of heavy-duty waterproof fabric with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. Its waterproof capabilities are something to be tested in the rainy season, so I reserve my judgment on it for now. But out from the outside, its shiny appearance and feel gives a sense of belief that it will stand true to the advertised waterproofing feature. 

The versatility of the bag is praiseworthy. You can also use it as a backpack; though it won't be comparatively comfortable. But the added convenience makes it more practical to use. The Kriega series have highly inspired the design and looks of the Modpac series, which is nothing to complain about. The bag looks classy and stylish. For Rs 3090, the Modpac 20L is a genuinely value-for-value proposition that will make your long ride carefree and convenient. 

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