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Castrol Unveils New EDGE Performance Engine Oils and Partners with SRK | Advertorial feature

Castrol India Limited has unveiled a new and exciting range of products under its popular Castrol EDGE brand. This premium line of engine oil is designed to deliver exceptional performance on demand, specifically catering to the evolving needs of modern car owners.

Central to the campaign is a seemingly "leaked video" featuring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Castrol's brand ambassador. This clip portrays King Khan learning the lines for the TVC and seemingly baffled over ‘On Demand Performance’, which he later realises and subtly highlights the power and control Castrol EDGE offers drivers.

The Mystery of the Blurry Images

Print advertisements featuring Shah Rukh Khan strategically appear in newspapers across the country. This has left the audience guessing, sparking curiosity and conversation.

The answer is revealed on the last page of the newspaper. A strategically placed QR code unlocks the secret. Scanning the code leads viewers to a unique online photo gallery – a treasure trove of high-resolution pictures featuring Shah Rukh Khan. This exclusive access serves as a reward for those who engage with the campaign.

A Glimpse into the TVC

The commercial opens with Shah Rukh Khan himself, showcasing some playful dance moves outside his parked car, holding a pack of Castrol EDGE. Soon, a pack of paparazzi on their bikes, exhausted from a chase, arrive at the scene, surprised to finally catch up with Khan. The scene then shifts to a flashback, revealing an exhilarating chase where the paparazzi eagerly try to get close to Khan's car for pictures. However, Khan effortlessly zooms away each time, leaving the paparazzi with nothing but blurry photos.

In a lighthearted manner, the commercial highlights the innovative ways celebrities like Khan use Castrol EDGE to stay ahead. Khan then playfully reveals his secret to "Staying Ahead" of the paparazzi - Castrol EDGE engine oil. Hopeful of finally capturing a clear shot, the paparazzi eagerly prepare their cameras. However, their excitement quickly disappeared as they watched Khan trick them and disappear once more. The commercial concludes with Khan cruising away, leaving the world behind, with the tagline "Castrol EDGE, Stay Ahead."

Delivering Performance 

The all-new Castrol EDGE is formulated to deliver at least a 30%1 improvement in performance compared to tough industry standards. Designed and rigorously tested to meet the latest OEM specifications, the entire Castrol EDGE range with PowerBoost Technology™ empowers drivers with the confidence to demand more power and acceleration2 whenever needed.

Catering to Diverse Needs

  • The new Castrol EDGE product line offers three distinct variants to cater to the specific needs of various car segments:
  • Castrol EDGE Hybrid: Specially formulated for hybrid engines.
  • Castrol EDGE Euro Car: Designed for leading European car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and more.
  • Castrol EDGE SUV: Perfect for high-performance and premium SUVs.

Beyond the Launch

Castrol's marketing efforts extend beyond the TVC. The company has secured sponsorships for major sporting events like the T20 World Cup and Wimbledon (July 2024) on Disney Star. The TVC itself is being released in seven languages to resonate with a diverse audience. A comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign includes teaser videos, print ads, digital media engagement, influencer promotion, and out-of-home advertising.



  1. Average performance improvement versus the limits of engine tests from ACEA and API industry specifications.
  2. More power and acceleration demonstrated in Castrol engine testing and/or modeling vs 5W-40 baseline; distance ahead measured over road load accelerations.









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