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CEAT's Feat for Bujji's Feet

CEAT tyres have created a custom-built 31-inch tyre for the dystopian vehicle Bujji. Bujji is not a regular modified car; the vehicle weighs 6 tonnes, and the wheels are hubless! As one of the main characters in the upcoming Prabhas starrer movie Kalki AD 2898, this behemoth also measures 6075 mm in length, 3380 mm in width, and 2186 mm in height. It's also a unique three-wheeler, with a single rear wheel responsible for steering and drivetrain.

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Challenges in the Bujji's birth

The engineering marvel of Bujji is truly awe-inspiring. We met Mr Naga Aswin, the eminent filmmaker and the visionary behind the Indian superhero car. He commented on the CEAT tyre's dedication and expertise, which brought his imagination to life. The vehicle faced many challenges from the beginning, but the joint efforts from Mahindra, Jayem, and CEAT made it possible, avengers of the Indian engineering marvel.

The next challenge CEAT faced was a staggering 9800 Nm of torque, a truly ambitious number. Besides that, the Bujji only has 124 hp of power, but this vehicle is not about straight-line speeds. The vehicle is designed for both on-road and off-road use, so CEAT also had to develop special off-road capabilities for the tyres. To increase its overall strength CEAT also steel belted the tyres. These tyres feature an extremely low aspect ratio, the lowest in the industry. This unique design choice was made for aesthetic appeal, but it was also necessary to equip the vehicle with wider tyres to ensure sufficient stopping power. Technically speaking, the wider the tyres, the larger the contact patch with the ground, and the shorter the stopping distance. All of this showcases CEAT's innovative and creative approach to tyre design.

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CEAT’s motto, ‘Crafting for the Curious.’ allows them to create a dedicated space that will be a hub of exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the tyre industry.

MD & CEO of CEAT Limited, Mr Arnab Banerjee, said: "The custom-built tyres for Bujji represent the pinnacle of our engineering capabilities. At CEAT, we pride ourselves on Crafting for the Curious Minds. We leveraged advanced materials and cutting-edge design principles to ensure that the tyres exceed the performance expectations for this unique vehicle. We are proud to have contributed to such a revolutionary project, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence in tyre manufacturing."

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