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Drone Taxis Tested in Abu Dhabi

Imagine you book a taxi, wait a while, and then there is a large drone that will take you to your destination. Sounds too dreamy, right? Well, this is going to be a reality in Abu Dhabi in a concise while. Multi Level Group (MLG), in association with Abu Dhabi Mobility, are planning to introduce a drone taxi service. Here is all we know about it yet:

What is the Hype about?

It all started during the Abu Dhabi Mobility Week, where in Abu Dhabi

from 24 April until 1 May 2024, witnessed the introduction of the first passenger-carrying drone trials in the Middle East. MLG showcased two test flights, one of which is capable of travelling for more than 25 km with a payload of up to 350 kg, while the second involved a small-sized drone capable of carrying two passengers and travelling for up to 35 km for a duration of around 20 minutes.

The World Record

An achievement that MLG made in this event was that the five-seater drone took flight for a record-setting 40 minutes, covering an expansive area of  123 km. This is now the longest-recorded drone flight. As the eVTOL glided in the air, it displayed the UAE’s name, creating a spectacle that must have amazed the onlookers.

What else was showcased?

The event also featured a vast lineup of MLG’s autonomous aerial vehicles, including eVTOLs and surveillance drone systems, with demo flights. There is a wide range of these drones, from inter and intra-city passenger eVTOL taxis to light and heavy cargo logistics eVTOLs. 

About MLG 

MLG has been around for over 11 years and claims to be a leading innovative and advanced company in the aviation industry, with a shared vision of utilizing its innovative solutions to contribute to shaping the future of mobility through advanced technology and collaborative partnerships.

Do you think Drone taxis are here to stay, or will they be a fad that will vanish in some time? 


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