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EVs less likely to suffer a flat battery than petrol or diesel cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity on the roads, but what are the most common reasons for breakdowns in these eco-friendly cars? According to recent data the primary culprit might surprise you. While concerns about electric range often come to mind, data reveals that the most frequent cause for electric car breakdown call-outs is, in fact, a flat tire.

Flat Tires: A Common Challenge for EVs:

We're learning that 29% of electric car call-outs are attributed to flat tires. This statistic echoes the challenges faced by traditional petrol and diesel cars, as many modern vehicles no longer come equipped with a spare wheel to reduce weight and emissions. Additionally, larger puncture holes may not be easily repairable with foam sealants, contributing to the prevalence of flat tire incidents.

12-Volt Battery Maintenance:

Contrary to popular belief, data suggests that EV battery range is not a significant issue for electric car drivers. However, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining the 12-volt battery, responsible for powering essential functions like the dashboard, lights, and wipers. Regular use is crucial to keep this battery in good condition and avoid breakdown call-outs, as it plays a vital role in initiating the vehicle's start-up process.

Comparing Breakdown Rates:

Encouragingly, data released indicates that electric cars are less likely to experience breakdowns due to flat batteries compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts. For EVs, flat battery-related call-outs account for 23.7%, while petrol and diesel cars experience a higher rate at 29.7%. Despite the lower breakdown rate, Puffett underscores the need for routine driving to prevent the 12-volt battery from going flat over time.

As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, understanding the nuances of breakdowns in EVs becomes crucial. This recent data publibshed by Start Rescue sheds light on the prevalent issue of flat tires and emphasize the importance of maintaining the 12-volt battery. 

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