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Fastest EV Motorcycle Now Even Charges Faster!

If you are following electric motorcycles, I’m sure you know the Ultraviolette F77 is the fastest EV bike you can buy. Ultraviolette has now made it even better for owners who want to take long rides. They have come up with UV Supernova, a fast charging solution that makes its boost charger look like a thing of the past. How fast is this charger? Where can I use it? Read ahead to get these answers.

What is Ultraviolette Supernova?

The Supernova is an advancement in the charging of Ultraviolette EVs. It comes in two iterations: The Supernova and Supernova Plus, which have 6kW and 12kW capacity, respectively. With them, it will take less than an hour to charge your battery from 20-80%, according to the company. This is a significant upgrade over the Boost charging the company offers, which takes 4 hours to charge the EV fully, while the standard charging takes 8. These stations will come with Type 6 connectors. 

Where is the Ultaviolette Supernova available?

Ultraviolette claims this charging is already available in 10 stations in 3 import states: Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. They plan to increase it to 100+ in the first phase of implementation. These stations are planned on significant motorcycling routes, including famous cafes and near important highways, ensuring riders can be ready for their next journey quickly.

What is the F77?

Let’s talk about the motorcycle the Supernova will power. The F77 is a performance-based electric motorbike that comes in multiple variants. You can get the standard variant, which uses a 27kW motor with 85 Nm of torque powered by a 7.1kWh battery. The company claims this variant can hit a 140 km/h speed. The claimed range is 206 kms. The F77 Recon has a more powerful 29 kW motor that delivers 95 Nm of torque. You can speed this version up to 147 km/h. With the help of a 10.5 kWh battery, the company claims it can last you 307km. There is a mightier version, too. The space edition variant comes with a 30.2kW motor, which gives you 40hp that 100 Nm of torque. This version crosses the 150 km/h milestone as it can go up to 152 km/h. The company claims an unbelievable 0-60 kmph time of 2.9 seconds with this variant.

Why even talk about it?

You might be thinking, it's just a charging speed upgrade; why should we care? The answer lies in the anxiety of owning an electric vehicle. People are still apprehensive about the range of EVs and whether they should be trusted for long journeys. This improvement in charging time is targeted at those who want to travel long and far in their EVs. Do you think it will be able to appeal to that audience?

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