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Honda Unveils the Future | Introducing the Honda 0 Series EV and Their New Logo

In a groundbreaking move towards the future of sustainable mobility, Honda has officially introduced the "Honda 0 Series," an electric vehicle (EV) series set to launch globally in 2026. The announcement took place at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Honda revealed the world premiere of two concept models: the Saloon and the Space-Hub. Alongside these futuristic designs, Honda introduced a new H mark exclusively for its next-generation EV models.

Honda has also showcased a new logo exclusively for the next-generation EVs

The current “H mark” has a long history, dating back to 1981 when it was renewed from the previous version. It’s designed like two outstretched hands. This new H mark will be used on next-generation EVs of Honda, including Honda 0 Series models.

Honda's Vision: The Power of Dreams in Motion

Guided by its Global Brand Slogan, "The Power of Dreams – How we move you," Honda aims to transcend constraints such as time and place, augmenting possibilities and abilities. The company envisions becoming a driving force propelling society forward while supporting the dreams of individuals worldwide.

In alignment with its commitment to environmental responsibility, Honda targets carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050. To achieve this, the company is actively pursuing electrification, with a goal of achieving 100% EV and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) sales globally by 2040.


The Honda 0 Series: A Transformational Journey

The Honda 0 Series represents a pivotal moment in Honda's evolution, embodying the company's determination to redefine the EV landscape. The series name signifies Honda's commitment to innovation, going back to the "zero" point, the starting point of Honda as an automaker, to create entirely new EVs.

Scheduled for global introduction in 2026, the Honda 0 Series will debut in North America before expanding to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.


Concept Models: Saloon and Space-Hub



- Flagship model embodying the "Thin, Light, and Wise" approach.

- Low height, sporty styling, and spacious interior.

- Advanced technologies for control at the driver's will.

- Sustainable materials for a unique and environmentally conscious design. 



- Developed under the common design language of the Honda 0 Series.

- Designed to augment people's daily lives.

- Offers a flexible space connecting individuals and society.

- Focus on a spacious cabin and excellent visibility. 

To complement this groundbreaking announcement, Honda unveiled a new H mark, symbolizing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobility possibilities and serving the evolving needs of Honda EV users. This mark will adorn the next-generation EVs, including the Honda 0 Series models.

As Honda journeys into the era of electric mobility, the Honda 0 Series promises not only innovative design and cutting-edge technology but a new standard for sustainable and enjoyable driving experiences. The "zero" marks not just a beginning but a bold step towards a future where dreams of mobility meet the reality of progress.

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