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Hyundai Announces Bookings For New Creta, Adds More Features And Style

In a move that will set hearts racing and roads buzzing, Hyundai has officially opened the floodgates for bookings of the much-anticipated new Hyundai Creta. The announcement comes with a dash of excitement as customers across India can now secure their slice of SUV paradise with a mere INR 25,000 at any Hyundai dealership. Existing Creta aficionados are in for a treat, as they have the option to seamlessly upgrade their booking to the all-new Creta. It seems the love affair with the Creta brand is about to get a serious upgrade!

Embracing the challenge of redeveloping a beloved and successful product, Tarun Garg teases the audience with promises of a new Creta poised to make waves in the industry. The SUV is described as having a "bold, confident, new design" — because who doesn't want their car to exude confidence, right?

Built on Hyundai’s Global Design Language of ‘Sensuous Sportiness,’ the new Creta promises a head-turning design. The blend of functional and premium interiors is said to cater perfectly to city life while satisfying the adrenaline daredevil in us all. Well, we’re ready for our adrenaline dose! The front look of the SUV is touted to be commanding, with a new radiator grill and an upright hood design displaying a strong, assertive, and distinct road presence. We're already imagining the Creta as the superhero of the urban jungle!

Featuring advanced hi-tech features, the interior of the new Creta promises a futuristic and cockpit-like feel. With three engine options and four transmission options, Hyundai is clearly spoiling us for choices. It's like being in an SUV candy store!

Safety is a top priority, with the new Creta boasting a host of advanced active and passive safety features. With 7 variants and 6 color options, including the tantalizing "Robust Emerald Pearl," this SUV is set to turn heads on the road.

Having first graced Indian roads in July 2015, the Creta has been an unrivaled segment leader for 8 years straight. It's not just a car; it's a phenomenon, redefining the SUV landscape with technological prowess, innovation, safety, and exceptional performance. Hyundai Creta , you’ve got some serious street cred! It's time for the Tata's and Maruti's to take note because the battle for the top SUV seller is going to face some serious heat in the coming days. 

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