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Hyundai CNG Cars to Get 2 Cylinders Soon?

Petrol and Diesel prices have been increasing steadily for some years now. The increasing prices created a demand for a cheaper fuel, especially from commercial vehicle owners. These users have increasingly started opting for a cheaper alternative in the form of CNG. While CNG was mostly fitted by third-party vendors in its initial run, the OEMs saw the demand and started offering factory-fitted CNG cars. 

One issue this caused was the massively reduced boot space in cars. Tata found a way around this problem by introducing a twin-cylinder setup in their CNG vehicles. Hyundai has trademarked a similar setup for their cars. 

What is the Twin-Tank CNG Setup?

Pretty evident by the name, a twin-tank CNG setup features two cylinders to store CNG instead of the standard single cylinder. As the side of these cylinders is smaller, they leave more space to store stuff in the boot of the car. Tata Motors was the first OEM to implement this technology in India. It first made its way in the Altroz and then in models like the Tiago, Tigor and Punch. Tata’s factory-fitted CNG kit consists of two CNG tanks that measure 30 litres each, and they are placed under the boot floor, making space in the boot. Maruti also recently teased CNG cars with the same twin-cylinder setup. They will be using two CNG tanks with a capacity of 35 litres each. 

Hyundai Twin-Tank CNG Trademark 

The design of the Hyundai twin-tank setup seems similar to the one Tata is using. There are two trademarks they have made with the names Hy-CNG and Hy-CNG Duo. The Hy-CNG Duo is the one that might get the twin setup. We currently do not have a confirmation from Hyundai that they are using this setup. 

For now, The Grand i10 Nios is the cheapest CNG car in India, with a price tag of Rs 7.68 lakh. Following this is the Aura CNG, which starts at Rs 8.31 Lakh. It remains to be seen that the first car Hyundai introduced was the twin-cylinder CNG setup. They might add some other features along with it to make it a better overall package. 

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