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Jaguar will be all SUVs till next year

Jaguar will discontinue the XE, XF and F-Type before June, resulting in a full SUV lineup till next year. This is due to their only manufacturing unit in Birmingham to be repurposed for making body panels for their upcoming lineup. They will transition to an All-electric future by next year. 

Fun Fact: The Circle of Life at the Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham began by making warplanes.

The Indian-owned JLR will be selling XE and XF globally but with only a limited amount of customisation. Both models have been discontinued in India due to slow sales.

This leaves us with only EVs like the F-Pace, I-Pace and gasoline-powered F-Type for now. The cost: Rs 72.9 lakh, Rs 1.26 crore and Rs 1-1.56 crore (ex-showroom) respectively.

Manufacturers across the globe are in major revamping and have begun investing in the electric movement. 

Globally, the Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition has been a farewell tribute to its historic race-winning legacy. This limited edition is bespoke to just 150 of them in the whole world.

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