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K-swap | Z-Series will power the new Swift

The latest news from Suzuki UK gives us more insights on the upcoming all-new Z-series engine that is expected to debut with 2024 Swift. The Swift moniker started its journey in 2005, and ever since the nameplate has been one of the dearest to Maruti. Staying true to its identity of being fun and economical, it's no wonder it still sells like hotcakes nine years and three generations later.

Built on the same Hearttech platform, the heart of the matter is all-new…

Free-revving K12 engines have been loved by both enthusiasts and commuters alike, and the Swift has always boasted peppy and economical engines. However, the replacement equipped with mild hybrid tech is a Suzuki-developed 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine. The reason? The current 4-cylinder won't be able to keep up with upcoming emission norms.

The Z12E not only burns cleaner, it's also slightly more powerful and torquier than the outgoing model. A 12V mild hybrid system allows the engine to produce these at lower engine speeds. The hybrid motor also serves a dual purpose as a belt-driven starter motor. The brand claims the motor and 10Ah lithium-ion battery will only add 7 kilograms to the weight.

The Euro-spec Swift could be mated to a manual or a CVT automatic, and both variants are 8% faster than before. 11.9 seconds to 100 kmph is the fastest a Swift has ever been, but only if you choose the CVT. However, reports suggest India might only get an AMT rather than a CVT. Speaking of what we might miss out on, we might also miss the Allgrip AWD tech and the irresistible big brother, the Swift Sport. As a first for Maruti, the driver-aid ADAS is reportedly under testing here in India.

Sorry for keeping you all in suspense! A huge breakthrough is promised in terms of fuel economy. The WLTP tested figures claim 24.5 kmpl for the mild hybrid variant and 23.4 kmpl for the Japanese standard variant. This might finally put the "kitna deti hai?" worries to rest for many in the country, and now all we have to look forward to is "kitne mein aati hai?"

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